St Ives wedding venues


For the last two weeks on and off my partner and I have been looking at venues in and around st ives and falmouth areas.

Our favourite is tregenna castle as we both are set on a outdoor wedding and love the sea backdrop/ beach so this has narrowed our search to have pictures on the beach or sea view but we have only really found a few hotels and we are not 100% sold (as other hotel guests will be staying there for instance, which we personally dont really want but still like the venues)
e.g st ives harbour hotel
Carbis Bay hotel 

Being from the midlands we are going down to cornwall in a few weeks to look at the venues and see what we think in person but just wanted to know if any future brides/cornish brides could point us to any other venues that has an outdoor civil ceremony and the views we have fell in love with for our wedding image and dont pop up on the first 50 pages of google (well it feels like that many hehe) in west cornwall.

We are having a smallish wedding of 25 guests so we are restricted  personally I love the Tipis but we would all look lost in one of them and my next venue was tunnels beach (i know not in cornwall but was perfect but thats 40 guests minimum image )

Thanks in advance


  • MrsStobe3MrsStobe3 Posts: 36

    I haven't been to any there but Pendennis Castle or St Michael's Hotel in Falmouth? 

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