Need Help, Great Hall for Medieval wedding feast

Hi All,

We've just got engaged and looking at wedding venues, although we're struggling at present, so looking for suggestions. What we're looking for is:

Medieval banquet in the evening - Ideally in an old castle with a Great Hall, although open to suggestions on alternatives (Manor House, etc. with a large enough banquet Hall).
Banquet seating in long tables, so no round tables (We understand this does rule out some venues).
Location - anywhere in the UK (excluding Northern Island).
Guest list is circa 125 people, although that may reduce slightly as I'm sure not eveyone will be able to come, but should be a guide on size (this is what's restricting us at present, finding a great hall big enough).
Mature gardens and or/lake views would be preferrable

We're looking to have the ceremony outside in some nice gardens, with a marquee for buffet shortly after ceremony and lawn games in the afternoon - ideally in the same location as the banquet but we're flexible on that.

We've only visited 1 place so far, Peckforton Castle, which is nice and ticks most of the boxes, although there didn't seem to be much outside the castle in regards to views/gardens, so we feel the wedding pictures would be limited.

The other 2 high on the list to view are Warwick Castle and Stirling Castle, but we've not visited either of these yet.

Any other suggestions/idea's which may fit with the above?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

Darren + Jenni


  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    hi , my brother had a medieval wedding at Coombe Abbey (think its west midlands !) everybody dressed up we had long tables drank mead had a good old sing song it was such an experiance, the grounds are amazing dont know if you can marry in the grounds or not its worth having a look image x

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    We got married at Warwick Castle - I was going to suggest it.

    It is absolutely amazing (biased) feel free to PM me if you want additional details.

    However, it won't meet some of your key requirements, the main one being because it is open as an attraction (unless you are famous and can afford to shut it down!) ceremonies take place at 5pm (last session of day) which means no afternoon lawn games.

    Also, when we married you couldn't do it outside.

    The conservatory area and state rooms are both gorgeous spaces though and I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    I love kilconquer castle, at Stirling the grounds are down the hill mostly and not sure on weddins there, airth castle is nice not sure on long tables tho, however they also own solsgirth house and a few others? They occasionally agree to a lease for Melville castle too

    have u thought about getting a marquee? And having it in there?

    i think u can only get married outdoors (non roofed structure) in Scotland :/

  • MrsStobe3MrsStobe3 Posts: 36

    Lincoln's Inn in London

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