How long after your engagement do you start looking for a venue?

Do most people find one straight away? 


  • KateMarried3KateMarried3 Posts: 339

    I think it depends on what you are hoping for.  If you have very particular requirements, I think you (should) start looking right away.  For example, we knew we wanted somewhere we could incorporate our dogs and where his three boys could have fun.  It was a good thing we started looking right away, because the venue we came up with (the hunt club) was substantially booked for their entire wedding season.  We were lucky to get a date, and did have to compromise on the season.  (I wanted fall or winter and we ended up in May.)  My assistant at work is now engaged, and even with an 18 month window, is having trouble finding something that meets her requirements.  Everything that meets her criteria seems to be booked.

  • SofiaF82SofiaF82 Posts: 177

    Straight away! We both knew we wanted a wedding on the Isle of Skye it was just a matter of where. We took a weekend and went to every venue on the Island, we knew as soon as we walked into our venue we wanted to get married there and booked it right there!

  • HannahEWHannahEW Posts: 171

    Pretty much straight away for us. We went to see my parents about four weeks after we got engaged and looked around three or four venues. The following Monday, we'd booked the first one we saw.

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    We had it booked in less than a month. Like HannahEW, we booked the first one we saw, I guess it's when the time is right for you but if are looking to get married during a period where a lot of people want to get married, it's better to do it sooner rather than later

  • JB2013JB2013 Posts: 115

    We got engaged at Christmas and I started looking on the internet pretty much straight away for venues in the area that could hold the number of guests we wanted within our budget. We booked our venue in May, it was the second one we visited and knew straight away it was where we wanted to get married! 

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    All depends how long your planning on being engaged for, my mother in law had a list hours after we announced it lol, we looked few weeks & were all booked about 7 weeks after the proposal 

  • MrsBailey2beMrsBailey2be Posts: 302

    I think it depends on how long you want to be engaged before getting married. We started looking after about a month (once the hype of being engaged had settled down a bit!) and booked ours 3 months after getting engaged knowing we wanted to get married about 18 months later. We knew the venue was the most important thing to get sorted (especially as we wanted to get married in the summer!) and then we could relax a bit.image

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    It really depends on how long you want to be engaged for - we got engaged in July and had our venue booked within a couple of months and are getting married next month!!!!

  • Like the other ladies said it depends on how long you want to be engaged for. I knew I wanted a September wedding and to be engaged for a year to a year and a half. I got proposed to in February 2013, I started doing online searches for venues then arranged to view them in March after being engaged a month, we wanted a Saturday so really had no time to waste. A lot of the venues we viewed had fully booked Saturdays from April till October for 2014 weddings. We was lucky that the venue we wanted had a few Saturdays left and one in September. 

    If you flexible on the days of the week and the date you probs wont have to search straight away but if you know you want a weekend for the next summer I would look noW.

  • EmmaB91EmmaB91 Posts: 85

    We got engaged in December and by January had our venue booked. I think if you want a wedding within the next year/18 months brides need to look for a venue pretty much straight away as they get booked up fast, especially in the summer. I couldn't wait to start planning our wedding. 

  • We got engaged in the January and I was (obviously) VERY excited to start planing/booking/doing everything within 10 minutes!

    But we had to think of the practical aspects of everything (financial etc) and  although we looked at different venues and decided what we wanted we didn't actually physically book or pay any deposits for a year as we wanted to ensure we could pay for everything we wanted to make it special and not have to scrimp too much!

    It's also been nice to be "engaged" for the 2 years we will have been by the time the big day comes....we will never get the chance to be engaged again! image x

  • We had it booked 6 days later. We had started to look before the proposal though.

  • OutlawOwlOutlawOwl Posts: 649
    We booked the following month. (I had fallen in love with a venue before we were engaged and id booked a viewing but they were so disorganised and rude i refused to look after we were engaged!!!!) I booked the venue exactly a year before the wedding
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