Barn in West Yorkshire for wedding reception

Hi, I really need your help. I'm looking for a barn for my wedding reception in West Yorkshire. It needs to hold 100 people for the afternoon and evening. I have visited northorpe hall barn and it's just that bit too small. I seem to have searched the whole of Google just wondering if anyone out there knows of any hideaway barns. We are having church wedding in mirfield so wouldn't need the ceremony - just a barn !! 

Many thanks 


  • Claire195Claire195 Posts: 10

    Hi there Katy35, have you tried The Old Barn in Esholt or Airedale Barn at East Riddlesden Hall.. I have worked with the the old barn with a client and they are very helpfu,l I have only attended a wedding at the East Riddlesden and it was a very nice setting a few down sides though the old stone floor was lovely but gosh in winter your feet are freezing.

    Hope these help,I'll let you know if i think of anymore. Let me know what you think..x

  • Katy35Katy35 Posts: 2

    Hi clare195 thank you for your post. I absolutely love airdale barn - it looks absolutey perfect even has the lake we secretly wanted! Amazing thank you so much! We will go and view it this week- were planning on getting married earky September so hopefully no frozen toes! I saw the esholt one but the photos make the venue look quite small. Thanks! X

  • Claire195Claire195 Posts: 10

    I hope it goes well and is perfect..x all the best x

  • Claire195Claire195 Posts: 10

    i don't know if your still looking for a venue, but this came across my desk this morning.

    its a family and childrens charity that runs the site and all the profits go back to helping local families.. the setting looks nice and the barn looks good. Let me know what you think.


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    We'e got the old barn for our wedding, the photos are decieving, you really need to go and look to get a better idea. It's really reasonable and they are dead helpful. They've just had a refurb too so it looks amazing image

  • Helen49Helen49 Posts: 15

    I would recommend airedale barn as well ... great wedding reception venue!

    Do you have a photographer yet? I can recommend a great one if not ... let me know!

    Good luck!


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