Crondon Park or Channels


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    i looked at both of these and fell in love with Crondon Park. The barn is stunning!! And it felt much more exclusive! But the price for just their basic package was too much.

    maidens barn is lovely. Vaulty manor is nice and has perfect accommodation on site. Even look at Crabbs Barn.

    what date are you looking at? x

  • Thanks for the reply CR1689.


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    Channels did seem really flexible, crondon felt more like they was telling us this is what your having and that's it! 

    However, the indoor ceremony for channels seems quite squashed.

    i agree crabbs looks dark, but we've been back a few times and every time it just grows and grows on us. It's such an intimate setting. 

    You have to go with what you feel is right.

    we are May 2016! 

  • Thanks CR1689.


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    And to you!!! 

    I'm sure we will swap ideas for barn style decorations etc... A lady on Facebook is making our invites, she's got the vintage rustic feel down to a tea!! If you want her details just let me know :-) 

    and same goes for a florist and photographer/videographer. Some prices are scary and these are very reasonable! 

    What style / theme are you looking at? x

  • Thanks CR1689.

    I want a vintage rustic feel too.

    I have sent you a message requesting details.


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