Kalithea Royal Horizon and Kalithea Springs

Hi everyone

We are planning our wedding for August 2018 at Kalithea Springs and will be going back to Kalithea Horizon royal where we got engaged this summer during our two week holiday. It was wonderful.

We were was wondering if anyone here has had their reception at Kalithea horizon hotel? We have heard people have previously booked the a la carte or acropolis restaurant for a private reception however we also want a room where we could hire a DJ or band for a good old party after the meal. Has anyone done this? Or know any details about the posibility of doing this?

Planning a wedding is super exciting but its difficult finding people who have had personal experience of this to give us some advice and Im hoping you guys might be able to help.




  • Hi Emel

    I've booked Kalthea Springs for July 2017 for my wedding and we'll be staying at Kalithea Horizon.  I haven't been before - how was it?  I'm so excited!

    I've booked our reception venue at Tsambikoa Taverna.  I did consider the hotel but thought it would be nice to have a full day out.  Also, I've got 53 guests coming but they're not all staying at Kalithea Horizon.  You'll have to pay for each of them to have a day pass into the hotel I believe.

    Have you booked a wedding planner to help you?  We're using Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings.



  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,318 New bride

    Hiya i got married this year in Rhodes not in the same place but i used unforgetable rhodes and they were brill poor tracey with my email lol and justine and her tea in Rhodes where amazing xx

  • EmelEmel Posts: 4

    OMG! You will love Kalithea Horizon, we had the best 2 weeks there. It was wonderful. We think all of our guests will stay there with us.

    We havent decided on whether to use Thompson or a private company for our wedding planning yet. We have also heard good things about Unforgettable weddings Rhodes. We are also undecided on whether to use the springs for the reception or a taverna. Decisions decisions.

    How have you found the wedding planning so far? 



  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,318 New bride

    When i met with justine in Rhodes when i got there she told me that she has a few times had brides from thomson, ring her because thomson had messed up, there are a few posts on this side that talk about the lack of help thomson were,  how they dont get intouch quickly or struggle to get a response, you have to wait 8 weeks for a wedding date, but with unforgetable rhodes i got my wedding date the day i booked 2 years in advice,  were thomson you wait till the year before, i then booked my holiday with jet2 around the wedding,  i do very higly recommed unforgetable rhodes,  but even if u dont pick them any planner is better then thomson.  

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