Am I looking for a needle in a haystack??

Looking for somewhere in these areas: 


1. That can hold 100+ reception guests 
2. With accommodation on site (even 5 or 6 rooms would suffice) 
3. Low corkage charge or better still no corkage fee
4. Where music and booze can be played/served until at least 1am with option to extend licence till later
5. Want to marry in a church so whether its licenced for ceremonies or not is irrelevant 

The main hurdle I’m having is places i’ve found say everything has to be shut down by midnight at the latest and/or no outside caterers, with most of the menu offers that come with the packages not really to our taste. I like the idea of meeting with caterers and coming up with a menu that reflects us. Another issue i’m finding is we can only provide our own alcohol for the meal and once the entertainment starts guests have to purchase from the bar. 

Any help greatly appreciated! 


  • Have you looked at Kingscote Barn in Tetbury? From what I remember when we looked, it definitely fits 100+ and has some accommodation on site. I think they even have 'glamping' tents there. 

    When we looked, they told us that we could do the alcohol through their caterers and they would only charge a serving fee which was much less than corkage. You would have to use their caterers but there were 2 or 3 to chose from. 

    Only thing I'm not sure about is the licence but it might be worth a look if you haven't already!

  • We are having our reception at Northbrook Park which is on the Hampshire/Surrey border and they also have Froyle Park as a sister venue not far away. Both have onsite accommodation, you can use your own caterers (there might be an additional fee) and they have free corkage - this is the main reason we chose the venue.

    The only thing is the venue closes at midnight. We thought this was too early originally, but we've decided to get married at 1.30pm which some people think is quite early so that we can have a longer day. Most weddings I've been to finish at midnight and even though I do like a good party I think this is late enough for a wedding, as long as you start the day early enough and make sure you have time for the dancing later!

    Northbrook Park has cottages on site where people often have afterparties so this could be an option?

    We are getting married in a church too and there are lots of nice ones in the area.

  • court farm in Frome! Was the first place I loved but you can't have the ceremony there and we want it all in one place! It's like 25 mins from bath xxx

  • Thanks so much for your responses everyone, Kingscote Barn is a possibility as its a 1am close down! xx

  • Hello all,

    My fiancé and I have booked Brympton House for our wedding in July 2017, which we are thrilled about. We totally fell in love with the venue and the idea of having total exclusivity of the estate for our big day. They can hold up to 200 guests and have different areas for you to use, so there is plenty of choice. They have 26 bedrooms which is really useful as lots of our guests are from London or further. They do have a corkage option as well but we are going for a drinks package because they are reasonable. You can also extend on until 2am or later and they have a church on site! Jo xx

  • We are partying at Over Farm in Gloucester.. you can party till 2am, can use any caterers, and there is a fully stocked bar with low corkage however you could just put money behind the bar as it would go a long way if you don't want guests to have to pay? I don't think there is accommodation on site although there is nearby but they do offer the option of camping for a small fee? Could be worth a look.

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