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Advice needed on church wedding!


my partner and I currently don't live together, we both still live with our parents while we save. We are planning on moving in together 2 months before our wedding. We have booked our church wedding in my parish church and were told that we would have to have our banns read in both my parish church and my partners parish church, which is fine. But if we move 2 months before, will we need to get our banns read in our new parish church if we don't live in the same area? Will we still be able to get married in the church we have planned? 

Really not sure what to do! Thankyou! 


  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 709 New bride

    Hey Danielle

    In theory I think you should need your Banns read in your new Parish Church (we're having 3 sets read because we both live in different Parishes to the one we're marrying in.  That said our Banns are being read a while before the wedding so yours might all have been read by the time you move.

    Easiest thing is to ask whoever you've been arranging things with at your church, presumably the Church Warden or similar and they'll be able to get the right answer for you.



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