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Venue .... Child .... Help!

Hi all

I have been looking for a perfect venue for about a year .... They have either not been to my taste or majorly over priced. Finally found one that I LOVE that's not bad priced too. one big big downside - no kids after 10pm 😩 I have a 3 year old .... Looking at June 2020 so he will be almost 7. I thought this was OK as it will have been a long day for him and then we can really relax and enjoy our night without having to make sure we have our eye on him all night. But my mum said she thinks he should be there all night and she would like him there all night. My mum is really close with my son so shes not saying it to be awkward or anything and she really likes the venue so it's not that.

just looking for an outsiders opinion? 


Thank you ☺️☺️


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I have 3 kids who will be aged 2 (almost 3), 6 and 8 at the wedding. I think 10 would be a reasonable time for them to go, possibly a bit earlier for the youngest.

    Im more worried about packing the chosen babysitter off early and them missing the party!

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