Hi I'm already married now but used this site a lot before I was, I'm now kinda planning my sisters wedding in May next year and her budget is really low - I can't find any wedding venues in Kent, South East areas that hire is free with a minimum spend ??  Any help please??


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    I doubt you are going to find a free venue, you'd probably be better looking at pubs/restaurants?

  • Yes Halis that's what I'm trying to find a pub that has an outside area that has a minimum spend x

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    What's the budget and how many guests? 

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    Mrs Wilson 2be wrote (see post):

    Yes Halis that's what I'm trying to find a pub that has an outside area that has a minimum spend x

    Ah okay it's a bit confusing with your title. Where are you based? Someone might be able to help.

  • Hi, I can't help you with the area that you are looking but we had our blessing reception in a pub followed by a garden party at home. There was no minimum spend but they did a set menu with a welcome drink and nibbles then 4 choices per course for the starter / main for £32.50 per head. We then picked up the tab for drinks with the meal. We couldn't have exclusive use of the pub but we were in the main restaurant to ourselves that accessed the pretty courtyard.

    If you want a nice outdoor space do internet searches for best pub gardens as there are national awards for this and check out the good beer guide as they have an overview of the pubs by county. Also check out what are the POTY pubs near you (pub of the year) as they will normally be something quite special.

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    I don't know if it would work out cheaper than a minimum spend in a restaurant/ pub but there's some really pretty village halls that can be hired cheaply in Kent? 

    I went to this pub the other day: the food was lovely and it looked like they had a small function room off the bar. Its just by the river, has a garden and is really pretty. 

  • Hello


    have you looked at the Gallivant in Camber sands.

    they offer non exclusive packages starting at £75pp

    its a beautiful location 



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