Festival wedding venues, does anyone have recommendations?

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I just recently got engaged and we don't really have gone into full wedding planning mode yet, but I'm very motivated to find a location soon so that we can set the date for hopefully summer next year. 

The only thing we really know is that we'd love a festival themed/bohemian style wedding, and ideally find a location somewhere around or close to a wood or lake, where you can make fires and pitch a marquee, and make the space look like a mini Glastonbury :) It could either be a location where there already will be a marquee by the organiser, or just an empty space so we can get everything we need and make the space our own. I'm fairly flexible. We have caterers that we'd be keen to use already. The only thing we'd need as well would be some sort of a "main building" nearby, or a few hotels so our guests can stay over and don't have far to go after the party. We have a few elderly people coming  and I'd prefer them not having to do a hike through the muddy countryside at midnight to get to their rooms :) 
I'd just like something that has a festival sort of flair, and something that we could make our own. What would be amazing though is If the venue allowed live music until later at night. A lot of the places I found had extreme restrictions when it came to music, some of them didn't even allow live music after 6pm. 

Did anyone of you have a festival themes wedding and found a great location? 
Near London, or otherwise in the Somerset or Cornwall area would be fantastic. 

Our budget will be around £10,000 - £12,000 so we can't go completely crazy :) 

Thank you so much in advance, 



  • Hi,

    This is a place near my house.


    They started doing weddings a couple o years ago I think, by which point wed already booked our venue, otherwise we would have definitely looked at it. Its in Surrey and the nearest train stations are Nutfield, Redhill or Gatwick. Theres some hotels nearby but would need to drive to or get a taxi. I have no idea of prices etc.

    My friend had a festival themed wedding and it looked amazing. She had loads of bell tents set up. I love the idea. Good luck with finding somewhere :)

  • redhair82redhair82 Posts: 289 New bride

    Check out Chafford park in Kent, Coverwood lakes in Surrey and Two Woods in Sussex.

  • BeccaSBeccaS Posts: 7 New bride

    Have a look at The Barn at Cott Farm in Somerset. It's a barn wedding venue with campsite and bell tents, with a licence to play music until midnight.



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