Anyone been to a wedding in Rutherglen town hall?

Hi there, 

Has anyone been to a wedding in Rutherglen town hall? I stay near by but never been to a wedding in it.  There's not many pictures of the place done up for a wedding so I'm finding it difficult to picture it as a venue. 

Thanks in advance 



  • I haven’t personally been to a wedding there but a friend of mine was at a wedding there around 2 months ago. She said it was really really nice inside  

    Are you thinking of this as your venue? X

  • Hi thanx for the reply. I'm thinking about it, I plan on getting married in the church across the road St Columbkilles church so the location couldn't be more perfect. I feel like I need to see some pictures of it all done up with lights etc. I know that sounds silly lol. The mezzanine bar looks lovely and would do for the meal for the day guests which would be around 30/35 with the big hall for night time with around 120 guests.

  • Ask the venue if they have any pictures of the venue dressed. I went to a wedding there about 6 years ago and it was amazing. It didn't need that much dressing up if I recall and it looks really classy x

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