Farnham Castle

Hi all

I am all new to this and this is my first thread so bear with me!

I am recently engaged and looking at local venues around my area, Guildford.  I've been trying to search high and low for a reasonable place that won't charge the earth but I seem to be hitting a brick wall!  I have looking at Farnham House Hotel which is lovely, very good packages and prices, but am intrigued by Farnham Castle.  Problem is, I can't seem to get hold of anyone re pricing!

Does anybody have any idea how much weddings at Farnham Castle cost?  Or any advice on other venues?  Looking for a hotel / nice grounds / not too fussy!




  • Hi Becky, I can't help with the Castle I'm afraid, but I agree it would be fantastic for a wedding - and some great photo opportunities!

    Have you been to the hotel?  The photos look amazing but in real life its all a bit small, and the wedding gazebo and funky stone ring which looks so fab in photos are very, very close to the hotel and the driveway.  The lane up to the hotel off the A31 is really scruffy too imho, so although its nice enough when you get there, I don't think there's a wow factor.

    Other places I liked the look of in that area include Frensham Pond Hotel, Cain Manor, Worplesdon Place, Manor House Hotel and Painshill.


    Have fun - its so exciting looking for the right place!  :)



  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,421 New bride

    I looked at Farnham castle and for the venue plus food only at the lowest tier was &17k. No entertaient etc. You could only get ready there from 10am on the day of the wedding. It's a beautiful venue but here was too many cons for us.

    Were getting married at Barnett Hill Hotel in Guildford.

  • my friend got married at Ludlow castle was an amazing venue, but all the function stuff was done at a local hotel much cheaper, was a great day and the small amount of travel between the too via a coach broke up the day a bit also the hotel was much cheaper so they had the best of both worlds

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