Bear with me, it’s my first time on a forum!

im looking for some advice, plan on getting married 2019, we have a very small budget, and found what we thought was the perfect venue 3 hours away, tree top :D When arranging with friends and family, we were smacked with some unfortunate problems thanks to family, and now it transpires that we cannot have our dream wedding. 

We had To cancel our venue and now have to have a local ceremony in order to benefit others. I’m a little sour about this but we’ve no choice.our dream was to have an out door wedding, small and intimate with loved ones. 

Now we have realised that unless we win the lottery, local venues cost the earth and so we have no choice but to wed in a registry office. This really isn’t what we want but we cannot find a cheap alternative. Our reception is a garden marquee in a family members garden.. that bit is ok. 

Does anyone know any cheap alternatives? I’ve trolled the internet but can’t find anything! 

Appreciate some advice if there is any!

many thanks 



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride

    What area are you in? Make sure you look at all local registry offices as some are far more picturesque than others!

    I don't know the details, but why have you chosen to cancel your dream wedding for other people's benefit? It's not their wedding!

  • Gemma345Gemma345 Posts: 13

    I’m so sorry to hear this , after all this is your wedding day not anyone else’s , is There no way you can have your perfect wedding where you want and maybe a blessing at a registry office to keep those family members happy ? 

    We are having a blessing abroad to keep my fiance happy and a church wedding at home to keep the whole family happy As we have family from all over the country coming it seems to work in everyone’s favour x

  • Why not have the legal ceremony at the register office and look into a more personal ceremony in the family gardens? 

    Remember - it's no one else's wedding day aside from yours. Don't do to much to please other people.

  • As someone else already mentioned, there is a lot of variation in registry offices.  Some of them are as stunning architecturally as a palace...others look like your typical 1970s office building.  Pick a nice one, you don't have to settle.

    There's nothing wrong with having a celebration afterwards in a garden.  Places like Poundland sometimes have pretty little bits like paper lanterns and striped straws.  Table flowers can be grown and cut by you & your family. One bride on here did a "Bake Off" contest and had a dessert buffet that way at no cost (other than the cute little award they made for the winner).  There are loads of ways of having a lovely reception at a low cost right at home (or that of your family).

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