Barn / Farm / Outdoorsy recommendations in Somerset

Hello Everyone,


My H2B and I are planning hopefully a Summer 2019 wedding, and need to get cracking because our dates are filling up! I wondered if people had any ideas for wedding venues around somerset (inc Bristol and north devon) for a rustic, laid back venue. We like DIY type, barn, farm, outdoors venue. Some accommodation their would be awesome too!

We live quite far from Somerset at the moment (5 hours +) so it's really hard to look at venues etc.




  • kate268kate268 Posts: 84 New bride

    We had our reception at Paddington Farm in September:

    Definitely not a wedding venue as such but super rustic and laid back. You are left to your own devices so only good if you are happy to do everthing yourself. 

    Also looked at

    Splotts Moor - they have a beautiful wooden framed marquee thing

    Folly farm - more of a wedding venue, just wouldn't have worked for our numbers. 

    Hunstile organic farm - lush, again, wouldn't' work for our numbers. 

    Fernhill Farm - haven't been here but looks great




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