Converted church - your opinion please

My friend is thinking of converting an old church into a wedding reception venue. It is much bigger than most barns etc, and looks stunning.

However would it put you off as a bride to have your reception in something that looked like a church?


  • ducklingduckling Posts: 116 New bride

    I’m not sure I’d choose it but I think other people would.

    There’s one in Newcastle, my friends had their reception there and it was beautiful with views over the Tyne Bridge - it’s DIY though, so they hired in all furniture, caterers etc. It’s St Mary’s Heritage Centre if your friend wanted a google.

  • There is one round the corner from me and they charge big bucks, think £5K + £100 minimum per person.  

    I think it's a wonderful idea.

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Thanks guys.

    Duckling I will defo take a look at that.

    TeamJ that’s super expensive!! She wasn’t thinking that much at all!!

    Sadieee she has amazing taste so it will be beautiful

  • I'd definitely consider it and did!


    Check out Oran Mor, St. Andrews in the Square, Cottiers, St. Luke's and the Barony in Glasgow.

    They're all converted churches.

  • Duncan6Duncan6 Posts: 1

    They make great spaces for a wedding and are something a little different.  One of my favourite weddings I've photographed was in an abandoned church in Kent :

    I'd say if they are going to do it then don't go overboard and sanitise the building, keep as many of the original features as possible


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