NI Alternative Barn Style



I am having trouble finding what we are after. Was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas of possible venues.

We want the venue to be a barn style that we can dress up. We are looking for bring your own and especially some place that we can bring in our own catering. 


Any ideas? 


Thank you! 


  • Where abouts? 

  • Joy23Joy23 Posts: 2
    August2018Bride wrote (see post):

    Where abouts? 


    We are open to anywhere in NI but aiming for 1 hour away from Belfast if possible as most of the guests live in Belfast. 

  • SHONA24SHONA24 Posts: 1

    We viewed Brookhall just outside Lisburn. It's got a an old church for the ceremony and then a barn that is BYOB and BYOF. We were seriously considering it for while. Price was pretty reasonable too 

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