2020 Cyprus Wedding


Hi, I am planning to get married in 2020 in Cyprus. We are unsure wether to go for a hotel or villa wedding. Can anyone recommened hotels or villas you had your weddings at in Cyprus? Also how many guests did you invite and did they he guest pay for them selfs? 

Thanks inadvance! 




  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Hi Sophie

    We are getting married in October at Oceania villa https://www.weddingcyprusvillas.com/cyprus-oceania-villa/

    We booked the villa ourselves and the planning has been done by Cyprus Dream Weddings https://www.cyprusdreamweddings.com

    We have booked some accessories through Marry Me Cyprus https://www.marrymecyprus.co.uk They are also planners who I understand are amazing too

    We have paid for our immediate family (flights/villa/etc) but extended family have paid for themselves.

    We have approx 20 guests in total

    Hope that helps! Enjoy xx

  • Hi Sophie 

    wondering how how you got in booking your 2020 wedding! I haven’t booked anything yet - don’t really know where to start as it all really just depends on prices! 

    What are the prices like ( cheaper than uk?) 

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