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Recommendations on a cheap hampshire wedding



we kn a tight budget looking to get married in portsmouth ideal but everything is so expensive 


  • Hi everyone!

    I’m Melissa and I’m an aspiring wedding photographer and videographer. I’ve been shooting weddings for just over a year now and am hoping to further my skills and experiences. Since I am new, I’m offering my services to any wedding/ event for the price of £100 (unlimited hours), but only for events and weddings within 50 miles from Portsmouth. The quoted price is to justify the costs of my travel expenses and for food/ allowance.

    I know the price is set very low but this is so that I can expand my wedding portfolio! The quoted price is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY as I plan to start charging regular rates when I become more established. I have posted some of my previous work on Instagram if you are interested to see if I am a good fit for your wedding! If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] or message me at +44 07366 124862. Please mention that you know about the £100 novice offer so that I would not quote you my normal rates!


  • d144d144 Posts: 46 New bride
    Charity owned venues are very reasonable and you are doing some good in hiring them, this one looks local, beautiful and good value. Other venues worth looking at our schools.Kind regards, Darren
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