Villa Balbianello Lake Como Advice

Hi everyone

I have just joined and was hoping for some advice. I was hoping to get married at Villa Balbianello summer 2019, and the wedding would be on a Saturday. I have just been told that you are not allowed to have a ceremony before 6pm on a Saturday. Has anyone been married here or are intending too? Is this correct?  I really love this venue but I'm not sure how much sunlight etc there will be after 6pm and whether a 6pm ceremony is too late? I would be having the ceremony, dinner and dancing there too. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you x


  • Hi Rose, what's the date? In summer at 6 pm sun is still high and you can have your ceremony without any problem!

  • Hey! I would of loved to have got married there, is it really expensive? I am not sure if I would like the 6pm ceremony as you want the full day to enjoy it! Most places abroad have a later ceremony time due to the weather.

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