Looking at first venue today

Just a tiny bit excited as we are going to look at our first venue today. We have quite a few on our list but I'm curious to know what was everyone's deciding factor when booking the one?


  • Ours was the simplicity yet simple beauty of it - No need to over decorate as the building speaks for itself. Also, the reasonable pricing and ability to do as little or much as you want there.

    Good Luck - If you know you know I think. We saw our venue first and never went to see another!


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride

    Our deciding factor was simply that our venue gave the best value for money, while still being an attractive location.

  • Feeling right, looking nice, being able to fit the day you want into its spaces, and being an acceptable price.

    We discounted one place because it just didn't feel special when you drove up to it, and the first thing you saw was the toilet windows!

    Keep a list of pros and cons of everywhere you see, take plenty of photos, and just go with your gut.

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    It sounds cliche, and I would have sworn it wasn't going to happen to me, but I really did get butterflies when walking around it. We actually came across ours a little randomly whilst viewing some others nearby. It was very different from what we'd thought we wanted but there was obviously a reason that none of the others were quite right. Walking around it felt so "us" more than others we'd been looking at.

    Think about things like wet weather options (a lot of places we saw we loved the outdoors but would have been disappointed at the space we would have needed to use if it rained) and how you want your day to flow and whether they have spaces to make that a reality. So many people book a venue but then stress when they realise they then need to pay for extra drinks or entertainment for guests whilst rooms are turned around etc. 

    Also check out the loos! A couple of places we saw had really awful toilets and it really put us off. Not the sole reason but was definitely something I wouldn't have thought about until we saw some really awful ones.

  • I'm going to be nipping to the loo when I visit so I can check them out! Thanks for your help

  • How did it go??

  • cs2thecox wrote (see post):

    How did it go??

    Ended up seeing 2. The first was nice but not really what I was looking for but I fell in love with the second. It was stunning ,but had a few little quirks to it I really liked. Even the toilets were nice lol and when I woke up this morning it was all I could think about. We are going to look at some others but I feel it will be a waste of time but as it's the biggest expense I guess it will be good to be sure?

  • We only looked at one more after we found ours... It's good to be sure, but if you love it then ping them an email about availability and get something penciled in. We could hold a date for 2 weeks before we had to sign a contract and pay a deposit, which was useful. You can always ask for something like that, which gives you a bit of time to look at a couple more but still have some certainty on the good one.

    Then the planning *really* starts!!

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    I looked at 100s online (seriously 4 months of looking nearly every day)- when we found ours we just knew. We didn't want a typical wedding venue or somewhere that caters for the masses, we wanted to bring our own caterers and if possible our own booze. 

  • We had two deciding factors:

    1.  We wanted free corkage so we could supply our own drinks during the reception and meal.  This saved us around £1,500

    2.  The location and how it looked and reflected us as a couple was also very important

    In the end we booked Smeetham Hall in Suffolk, a very pretty barn in the middle of the countryside.

    Good luck with your venue search

  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,258 New bride

    We looked at 5 (all in one day). We knew the church we wanted to get married in so it needed to be within reasonable distance of that. 

    We also wanted our own choice of food (either via their caterer or us bringing them in) and no corkage. We didn't want a marquee or hotel. 

    We ended up booking the first venue we saw.

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