Booked my venue today

Today after getting engaged in May this year! We booked our venue!

i live in Nottingham and me and fiancée was torn between a UK wedding and wedding aboard due to a number of reasons! Money being the main reason as I wanted summer wedding! 

we are both in our early 30s and didn’t wanna have a long engagement but we wanted to be sensible with our budget! But obviously have a beautiful day! 

So after weeks of researching uk wedding venues online and viewing venues. I looked at Cyprus to get married aswell. 

we have booked a ramsdale golf course in Nottingham and it has a beautiful suite in the club and beautiful surroundings. 

We got a fanastic package for a June 2020  wedding and they did a bespoke package and made it personal for us and our package. 

The package price was fantastic value for money for a Saturday wedding and very competitive compared to most venues we looked at and they was personal to us. 

we was gonna get married in a church then Ramsdale for wedding breakfast and reception but we love it that much we gonna do the ceremony and everything there  for our special day!

the reviews online was 5 star and amazing for weddings and the wedding planner/events lady was so friendly and professional. I have trust in the fact we will be in good hands. 

Me and fiancé will have a epic honeymoon after our wedding! 

so now I got to plan everything else and I am shock that I have actually booked a wedding and I am so excited 😆 I think I am driving all my mates mad as I messaged them all today lol.

now the  planing and stress starts lol, I am so excited.



  • Hi Laura. 

    Congratulations on booking your venue !!!

    I have been looking at Cyprus for a wedding for Aug 2020. Could I ask which hotel you've booked and who you've booked with? I've seen a few hotels with really good reviews but most say you need to book with a travel operator and I want to pick a good one! 



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