Tuscany Wedding Venue

My fiancé and I have decided on a destination wedding! Looking for any leads on decently priced villas for a relaxed spring or autumn wedding. What we think we're looking for:
- Villa/ Farmhouse in Tuscany, ideally near Florence
- Can accomodate up to 70 people on the wedding day
- Can sleep at least 25 people (wedding party). We'd ideally like to book the villa for the week to spend time with our friends and family flying in so if everyone can stay on sight, amazing! 
- Villa can organise catering for wedding day

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as we're planning a trip over to start looking at potential venues 💚


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    Hi Amy, did you have any luck with this? We’re also looking for venues for 2020 and finding it really tricky! Would love to know if you’ve got a short list or have gone out already x
  • Have you got any further with this?
    We spent a week looking at many venues in 2018 and we have booked out wedding for this year.
    We started by downloading the free guide on this wedding planners website:
    We are getting married in Poppi Castle , further out than we had originally planned but it is cheaper and stunning! we looked at Sienna town hall and Poppi is 2,000 Euros cheaper for the ceremony!!!
    we have hired a villa for the family to stay at and for the reception. 
    The Villa is stunning 
    We visited and booked the Villa and they allowed us to stay 2 nights in low season / jan to visit and sort out details. The owner and family have been amazing during our organising.
    there is a Villa next door which is also stunning and can house extra family.

    Volterra was our runner up - The town hall is also stunning and plenty of Villas to chose from and the town has stunning views and plenty to keep guest occupied.

    Close contender was Certaldo - the old town was small and the new town not that big , we struggled to find a suitable Villa

    Fiesole just out side of Florence may be worth looking at … we didn't get time. 

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