Help - I can't find the perfect wedding venue!

Hi all,

I'm finding it really hard to find the 'perfect' wedding venue for me and my Fiance to marry in either June or July 2020.

Our vision is to have a two day wedding in a country house and have a lot of guests stay over, with a BBQ on the Friday evening, followed by the Wedding on the Saturday. I've looked into a lot of venues and I'm not finding the wow factor or 100% sold on them. At the moment, we have looked at Ellertington Hall and this our favorite to date. 

We live in the North East so are looking around Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northumberland, Yorkshire areas. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!




  • What sort of budget do you have?

    The only places like this I know of are south and SERIOUSLY expensive... North Cadbury Court in Somerset (been to a wedding here - AMAZING!) and Aynho Park in Oxfordshire.

    Just did a bit of googling, and there's a list of "whole weekend" venues here:


  • We're getting married at Eshott Hall in Morpeth and we have a 2 day wedding. We're getting married at the end of the month so no BBQ but part of the package includes a meal and reception drinks for all the guests (we have 46 people staying - there are 17 rooms included and 3 cottages which sleep ~6 each). I imagine if you go for a summer wedding they would do BBQ for you? They're actually pretty flexible foodwise we've been sent a menu but actually just asked for our own ideas and they're happy to accomodate!



  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 120 admin

    Does it have to be a country house or would you consider a barn? I've just come across this, which I think looks amazing:

    More options here, too:


  • Have you thought about going abroad. We are getting married in SW France and our weekend wedding seems to seriously less expensive than it would have been in the UK.

  • Most venues charge venue hire and a lot of money for the wedding breakfast and their accommodation. Many wedding packages are very expensive but do include a load of extras (some of which you may not need). Other venues will offer deals for last minute dates, and it really is worth shopping around. The further you are prepared to travel, the more you can get to scenic locations which are stunning yet where prices are half that of more populated areas. Sadly you are a little far from the Brecon Beacons in Wales but if you have relatives all over the country, a castle in Wales that you can hire for the full weekend may meet the bill, and not cost a fortune. Have a look at the Craig y Nos Castle full Weekend wedding package the Saturday Package and even if this is too far for you, use this as a benchmark for what you will demand of other venues that may be closer to you. One advantage of  a 'destination venue' is that most of your guests will want to stay overnight and ideally stay the night before. There are some venues that discount their venue hire to zero, in return for high accommodation use, as Craig y Nos Castle will do. This means you can make considerable savings, and the fact you have a lot of guests wanting to stay overnight should assist you in negotiating a good deal with any venue that has plenty of bedrooms - and which may not want to have regular B&B guests on site during a wedding, instead reserving all its rooms for guests of the wedding. 
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