Help can’t find venue

I am desperately looking to find a all in one venue package deal. min 60 day guests with no extra evening guests invited, accommodation on site and package deal. Ideally wanted to find this for u see £6g. We live in St Albans and happy to trabel hpur or so either way to find venue. Any suggestions would really help me? Thank you in advance. Setting of the wedding as long as pretty I’m easy x


  • Craig y Nos Castle in South Wales Brecon Beacons (J45/M4) offers a Last Minute Package for 60 guests which will cost £4740 inclusive of Drinks Package, two course wedding breakfast, Evening Buffet, exclusive use of castle venue, provided 20 guests book and pay for overnight B&B, which, since all your guests will be from St Albans no doubt, should not be a problem. Castle will sleep 60 and and has some dates where both the Friday and Saturday are available, so guests can travel up the night before, getting the first night at half price B&B. If your wedding date does not fit a 'last minute' offer, then a similar package on a Saturday on any date up to 2022 would on their current tariff work out at £6040, but needs50 guests staying overnight paying for their own B&B, instead of 20 overnighting on the last minute offer. 
  • @martin.gover thats hardly an hour from St Albans. 

    @Holly160 ; im sorry i dont have much input in this, apart from im just 20 mins down the A1 and have found anything in Hertfordshire requires a remortgage! I know venues on the herts/essex border are much better value, and arent too far in terms of travel. If youre happy to go further Suffolk also have some much more cost effective options.  It depends a lot on the style you want too, i found a village hall for about £6000 for all food, hire, ceremony x
  • I think if you want to get costs down you have to be willing to go off season, and travel to a 'destination venue' that has something going for it thata you like, but within an area where hotels are quieter in the off season and so willing to offer deals.

    Try searching for Last Minute Weddings and Winter Weddings to see any deals on offer, and then try searching in different areas to see how prices vary. A survey somewhere I read recently said the average wedding in Wales cost £16,000 and in England £26,000 in 2017/2018  so it is worth looking at Wales. St. Albans of course is a very different area, close to London, and prices there will be much higher. 
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