the stress and pain of finding wedding venues, opinions and help please!

Hello, my partner and i have been engaged for around 3 months now and as i am sure everybody is, i was so excited! So, i decided to have a look into wedding venues, what type of venue we would want and locations. The thing is, it was so frustrating! There are so many websites advertising venues as well as the venues websites themselves.

With most websites/apps wanting your whole life story (email address, names, wedding dates, locations, numbers, budgets) to only give you broad information. If you then want venue brochures 9 times out of 10 it will direct you to the actual website where it requests information AGAIN. After looking at the brochures, emailing the venue a number of times for additional information to find out your ideal date isn't available, or price isn't as expected, or you have to book a viewing for more info. It is FRUSTRATING and time consuming! 

Heres the thing, i wanted to know if other people were having this issue? and wanted to know what other issues people are struggling with when trying to plan their wedding. As a though had occurred to me, a way brides and grooms to be could access a platform in which it has important information already accessible and an easier way to contact wedding venues and other suppliers? For example, an app in which wedding venues have normal info regarding their venue along with a live calendar linked with their calendar so brides/grooms know what dates have already been booked there? a chat/messenger service on the app to contact said venue, sounds a lot easier than sending emails and waiting for replies. the app could also be extended to suppliers, such as photographers, musicians, etc. 

Currently just an idea and wanted to know what other people think, what their struggles currently are. any feedback would be amazing! or if anyone knows of a website/app that already does this would be great. 

Good luck planning everybody!  


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    If venues wanted that information easily available to you, it would be. They withhold it on purpose because they want you to contact them so they can launch a sales offensive on you. They wouldn't use your app.
  • Most venues want to add you to their database, but also we know, most venues do no follow ups. So there is not much point adding you to a database at all, and the 'secretive' approach is unnecessary.  I think mainly they want to hide their charges till you have seen the venue. We took a different approach and have put all the dates sold on the site, all the charges are clear on our site, and anyone who wants a quote for a given number, can get one instantly. 

    We also do not even have an enquiry form on our website, as we found we were getting tens of tousands of enquiries but could not follow them up. So instead we have an appointment request form, and we only collect information when you want to book a viewing. No other venue seems to do this but we decided we did not want an enquiry until someone was wanting to come and view.

    We also do competitor analysis to check our prices are not too low or too high. We are a bit lower than most, but we do have an 'accommodation requirement' where you have to fill the bedrooms with guests so we reduce the cost of the wedding in return for high guest B&B use.

    We find when we research competitors, about 2/3rds do not have any useful pricing information on their websites, so we have to become 'mystery shoppers' and enquire as if we are a Bride and Groom, to get the information. This is then posted here (it's a hidden page as this information is really for our own internal use):

    This might be handy for Couples considering South Wales, though the list is incomplete for precisely the reasons you stated, it takes time to get this information out of the venues!! We are adding more venues to the list still. It gives you an idea of what to expect. England Venues' rates are likely to be higher than venues in Wales. 

    From our own research you can get full price information in about 1/3rd of cases from the website, but we have not seen any venues with an on line availability calendar.  Our 2019 one is below and shows how simple it is to put this information on line,


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