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We recently got engaged and now looking for the dream venue. We are having a small wedding with 25 guests maximum. As it is a small wedding I want the perfect venue where we can have everything under one roof but would ideally like an elegant venue with preferably a large stair case. I'm not a fan of weddings similar to Best Western hotels this is a personal preference and I mean no offence.

We are looking at the guests arriving to Cocktails and Canapes so they can mingle with either a harpist or pianist, then the ceremony, cocktail and photography hour. Photos to be taken both inside and outside the venue, sit down formal 3 course meal with wine. 

We are not doing first dances and have decided not to have an evening disco or band - however happy for others to share ideas 

Would ideally like a venue that permits fireworks or sparklers

Looking at venues with the following areas:

  • Staffordshire 
  • Peak District 
  • Cotswolds 

If you know of anywhere we should look at please let me know appreciate any input 

Thanks 😁


  • Most venues have minimum number requirements, typically 50 upwards, especially weekends. There is more flexibility midweek, and more flexibility with Last Minute dates. Sole use venues who only allow one wedding on a given date will definitely have minimum number requirements as they would prefer to sell a date to a larger wedding.

    Venues with more than one reception room, and able to hold more than one wedding on the same day, should have availability for a smaller wedding in a smaller function room, alongside a larger room for the main wedding, but in our own research locally we did not find many of these.

    In a price comparison research our own venue conducted of venues in our area, we found only 3 or 4 out of 50 venues surveyed that would accept below 50 guests, due to minimum number requirements, though midweek gives you more options. So you will be limited to Last Minute and mid-week, most probably. 

    We have recently introduced an 'Intimate Wedding Package' starting at 25 guests - google Craig y Nos Castle Wedding Package and you might find  your way to it (our chat on-line will assist you).  I notice it is not yet coming up in Google as its very newly added and as it's a 'hidden' sub-page you may need to ask wheree it is on 'chat'. We do not publish all our packages on the main index to aavoid making the site too 'busy'. Also try searching in your own area for 'Intimate weddings' 'Small wedding venues' etc and see what comes up. Best regards, Martin.
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  • I have no idea of your budget, and I think this might be mind blowing but if you want grand and in the Peak District you can’t get better than Chatsworth I don’t think! They do cater for small weddings and it’s so beautiful there! Good luck. 
  • Forgot go mention would prefer accomodation too
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