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Merseyside: Thornton Manor too big?!

Hi everyone,
My first post! 
We have fallen for the Manor House at Thornton Manor on the Wirral, we are having 60 or 65 day guests and 80 for the evening.
I have seen one comment saying it is too big unless you have 150 guest as otherwise they will get 'lost' and i wanted to get some opinions? It's a lot of money to pay for a venue that might not work and be too big.
We have viewed it and loved it, but didn't think it felt too big at the time.
Grateful for any help and to hear from anyone that has had their wedding here!


  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride
    It's a lovely venue, you make it feel how you want 80 guests is till alot x
  • Thanks @MrsMannion - helps put my mind at ease! Think I'm overthinking everything when it comes to choosing a venue x
  • I’ve been to a wedding there many years ago and I don’t recall it feeling too big and I don’t think the wedding was huge.  Have you spoken to the venue and asked their advise?  They’ll have a better idea about how it looks when it’s all set up and what’s a comfortable amount of tables.  I viewed a village hall recently and the lady showing me around told me that they had had a wedding with 120 sitting down but she thought it was way too many and made the room look like an over crowded canteen.  She thought 80-90 was probably the max for comfort, so hopefully the wedding Coordinator can give you an honest opinion.
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