Non-wedding venues to get married in


In my month-long search for an affordable venue in Northern or Central Scotland (our total wedding budget is no more than £3000), I am very close to giving up on the whole wedding idea. We have 30 guests on our list and I am not keen on expanding that further. We can’t afford to spend an equivalent of a mortgage deposit on a party. 

I am trying to find a nice venue that isn’t necessarily a wedding venue because those charge a fortune for hire. I have given up on hotels, estates, country houses, barns etc. Besides expensive, most of these are too traditional (=oldfashioned to us) in decor.

Village halls/community halls are too big in capacity (fit up to 120+ people) where our small group will just rattle around. Decorating them will take forever. 

Any venues that are less common, located North, North East or Central Scotland? We don’t drink so not a distillery, not into art so not a gallery, but that sort of venue seems like it would charge reasonably for hire. 



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    A pub with a function room or private dining area sounds like the best bet.
  • I find that pubs and restaurants either charge for hire or their room just appears so small, we would have no space to move around after we are done eating. We don’t drink so having a reception at a pub seems a bit odd.

    Anyone else?
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    Anywhere that serves food is also going to serve alcohol, so I don't really see that it don't have to drink it, and some of your guests may presumably want an alcohol drink.
  • d144d144 Posts: 45 New bride

    There are lots of great small venues out there. Here are some ideas on search terms you can try to find some more venues within areas you are looking at.

    Conservatory for wedding – I think this could good as these are normally not large and can be very romantic.

    Club house venue hire

    Cricket club venue hire

    Tennis club venue hire

    Golf club venue – can be very good as they have great grounds

    University venue hire

    School venue hire

    Rowing club venue hire – always with great water views

    Museum venue hire

    Listed building venue hire

    Grade 1 venue hire

    Grade 2 venue hire

    Library venue hire

    Sports hall hire

    Hall for hire

    council venues for wedding

    national heritage venue hire

    park venue hire

    hotel small wedding

    Restaurant wedding venue

    Garden centre venue hire

    Garden venue hire

    Church hall for wedding hire

    Crypt for wedding

    Cave for wedding

    Boat hire for wedding – again some can be smaller and very private.

    Lighthouse for wedding

    Charity venue hire – often unusual places and you get to support a good cause.

    Lastly here are a couple of suggestions from a quick search,


    timberyard resturant Edinburgh – I think this one looks great.

    I hope this helps,


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