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Registry offices / town halls in North West England

Hi does anyone have any suggestions for venues in North West England / Greater Manchester to hold a very small civil ceremony / registry wedding? I've looked at our local town halls and registry offices but looking for somewhere with nice gardens for photos and can't seem to find any! 

We would just like the ceremony and photos - no meal or anything. 10-15 guests. 



  • d144d144 Posts: 46 New bride
    This should be perfect for a civil ceremony,

  • xanjalixxanjalix Posts: 3 New bride
    Thank you d144, I've contacted them and are going to view it.

    I didn't realise how expensive it was for a registrar to come to your approved venue! 

    Any ideas on nice registry offices so we have more affordable options too?

    Thank you
  • d144d144 Posts: 46 New bride green room Saturday morning is resonable.
    I sure you will find the perfect venue and have a great day, 
  • xanjalixxanjalix Posts: 3 New bride
    Thank you!
  • Hello! 

    How did you get on finding somewhere? I'm in exactly the same position as you, only 14 guests but I haven't seen a registry office I'm keen on.

    What did you think of Elizabeth Gaskell House?

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