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2021/2022 Simple Wedding in Kent on a tight budget

Hello lovely people, 

So I am here to ask for your advice! 

The thought of being the centre of attention and looking all perfect gives me anxiety! I'd rather elope, but my partner would like to have a big wedding. Initially, I suggested a twilight wedding which he did not like as he thinks asking people to come from all over the world for a "half **s wedding" would be just not right! Either do it all or nothing at all. But the more I think of the elopement, the less I want to do it! I'd rather have something in the middle! Something with a maximum of 40-50 guests. So that we can have some pictures and memories from "our day". 

Since we have no savings and are yet to buy a house, I don't want to go in debt. Our parents will chip in, but the maximum budget would be £3000 overall, everything included! I am also thinking about a venue that has accommodation on the side for elderly relatives in case they get tired and need to have a lie down throughout the day.

My other concern is that my partner's family are all English, whereas my side of the family does not speak a word of English! So I have to come up with a solution to make them feel engaged and involved for at least the speeches.

So to sum up, I'd like to hear about your suggestions about:

1) A wedding venue in Kent with on-site accommodation which everything would cost less than £3000 
2) What to do for the speeches when half of the guest cannot speak or understand English.

Many many thanks for your suggestions in advance xx


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