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How did you pick your wedding venue?

Tips? tricks? Did you bring your whole family or just your fiancé?

Bonus points for pictures and links!

I'm struggling so hard. I have an excel sheet with columns of criteria so it's kind of like a pro/con list but I seriously can't decide.


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    We narrowed it down by looking at all the licensed venues in our area making a list of those we really liked the look of - there weren't too many to be honest! We emailed them all asking for brochures, price lists, etc. That ruled out one as it was far too expensive. We then made appointments to see the remaining venues. The people at our chosen venue were so welcoming and enthusiastic about the venue, they really raved about the chefs whereas at the other venues they didn't even mention the food! We both loved the venue and got a good feeling from our meeting so that's how we chose!
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    We first decided our top important factors and the budget of course. Ours were:
    • Either lots of accommodation on site OR no corkage/bring your own caterers
    • Separate rooms for ceremony and breakfast (we didn't want the stress of them having to turn a room around during the drinks reception
    • Ideally exclusive use
    Also have a think of what style you want. Stately home, barn, outdoors, hotel, town hall, tipi, warehouse/loft, does it need to be close to a church for a religious ceremony?
    And then let the Googling/enquiring commence! I won't lie to you, we found it really hard and a bit disheartening, but then we found our venue, it was perfect and all worth it! I would recommend seeing it/making the decision just with your fiancé. At least for us, we did not want family opinions in the mix.
    We've booked Buxted Park Hotel (it's part of the HandPicked Hotels chain, so do check them all out if you're interested/it's your style).
    If you share your list and perhaps ideal location, I'm sure some of us will have some suggestions!
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