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help with my 2010 wedding

hi everyone, me and my partner have decided to get married abroad in sept 2010, was just wondering if anyone has any good tips for me how to go about arranging it all! we are thinking about cyprus at the minute and want an outdoor beach wedding if possible. iam completely clueless and dont know where to start! we are hoping to use a budget of £4000. for a wedding abroad do you have to book all guests at the same time or let them book there own! any help or tips will be grateful. thanks alot! xx


  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hi there, we're getting married in Feb 2010 in Sri Lanka image

    Firstly, I'd say go to the travel agents and get a few brochures on weddings in Cyprus (and anywhere else that takes your fancy). Have a browse through to get an idea of the place you want to get married. Then do lots of googling! Trip Advisor is a great source of information to find out about different locations and also to read up on other people's experiences of weddings at your chosen hotel etc.

    You won't be able to book your wedding package yet (we can't book til Sept this year so it'll be later for you). But I think a lot of the ladies here use wedding planners for weddings in cyprus and I'm sure they'll all have great recommendations for you.

    Good luck with your planning x
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Hello there xoxkelz im not getting married in Cyprus but am getting married in Greece ..I think Cyprus is proving to be exceptionally popular at the moment as you dont have to get any of your documents translated and there are some truly stunning venues for you and your h2b to tiw the knot !

    The best thing to do is first decide on a couple of destinations and what you and your h2b are looking for on your wedding i know that when i first started looking into weddings abroad they were not as cheap as i first thought to local wedding planner as they are personally a much better option than going through the tour operator and will be able to source things easier and get disounts, have knowledge of the areas etc ...also if you intend on having guests join you on your day you must think about them and how they will get there so ease of travel and also cost to them..this is something that i perhaps never really took into consideration as my destination is not the easiest location to get to !..

    Anyway Good luck in your search I booked my wedding in 2006 for my 2008 wedding so you may actually be able to book well in advance (ie NOW) if you are lucky as weddings in Cyprus to book up well in advance !
  • Hiya, I am planning on getting married in October 2010 in Mauritius. I have asked the company we will probably book with (Beachcomber) about when I can start everything off and they told me next year- but the flights are released even later so that cannot be sorted till even nearer the time.

    It's a bit frustrating that I can't get any sort of idea of prices now though- I am imaging up to £6000, although cheaper will be great!

    I'm a bit confused about guests too- I would like to book everything before giving people save the date cards ideally, and I cannot imagine anyone I know being ready to commit themselves so early on either! I think I will book and then put details of who we have booked through with the save the date cards for their information. Hopefully then Beachcomber will be able to link their booking with ours and make sure the relevent special offers are applied, like the wedding party discount
    a local wedding planner will be able to book your wedding now. The holiday can then be booked at a later date when flights and charter holidays are released.
  • shellslnshellsln Posts: 14
    im having the same problem me and my partner want to get married in july 2010 in mauritus and its so annoying i cant even get a rough price we have 2 children ages 4 and 2 who will also be joining us i just wish we could get a rough idea so know how to budget!!!
  • LimassolukLimassoluk Posts: 42
    2009/2010 weddings in Cyprus: bookings have been taken already. Would you like more information on this subject have a look at
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