Any August 2009 brides out there?

Hi Everyone!

Im getting married 28th August 2009 in Ravello. Any other August 2009 brides about?

I have just started to plan/research things, im loving all the wedding magazines etc but dont you feel overwhelmed with information sometimes!!!!!? So much to choose!!!



  • Hi there, im getting married in August 09, not sure of the exact date yet but hoping it to be 21st, we are going to the Dominican Republic.

    I know what you mean about feeling a little overwhelmed there is just so much info lol.

    What kind of plans have you started making? xx
  • EvergreenEvergreen Posts: 205

    Oh lovely Dominican Republic!!

    Well we are going to see the venue in July so then I can get a better idea of things and start planning more. We have quite a small family so that was our main reason for doing it abroad with just close friends and family.

    At the moment I am just trying to find some decent Save the date cards,I thought about making them myself but i'm not very good with stuff like that so I know everyone who receives them will say "ah how lovely you got Josh to help you" (3 year old nephew haha).

    Also trying to think of colour themes, only for the flowers really as I wont really need much else. I really like pale lemon at the moment.

    Will it be the two of you over there or are you inviting family etc? What made you choose Dom Rep to get married?

  • Hiya.

    We are going with our two children and a few close family members and a couple of friends (although no-one has booked yet lol). We have always said we would get married in the caribbean and have heard that it is lovely there.

    Our family is huge so we decided on close family and we will have a big party when we get back.

    I am going to make the invitations for the party myself and im thinking of making the favours too (fans for when we are abroad for the ladies), we will just have to see how that goes lol.

    Are you having a party when you get back?

    We will have to keep each other posted on the planing etc lol
  • EvergreenEvergreen Posts: 205

    I had a look in Hobbycraft the other day and was amazed at the selection they had for making your own card/invitations, think i will go back there and make a start on them.

    I'm not sure if we will have a party or not when we get back as we have a really tiny family, we might have a small one for our friends who couldnt make it etc.

    I was speaking to my friend at work yesterday who is Sikh Indian and she was explaining how they have to invite around 400 guests to their celebration, imagine the planning for that!!

    Ive had a little look at dresses, no matter where i look though i end up back on the pronovias website. I love their stuff.

    Fans are a great idea for wedding abroad. Have you looked at differant venues in Dom Rep yet?


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