Catholic ceremony cyprus - what does england priest do?

I am getting really confused over what has to be done before a Catholic wedding can take place in Cyprus. Some of the information I have found say that you only need baptism certificates for the couple. Other sources of information say you need to have paperwork from the catholic priest back in england. Other sources say you have to go though the same amount of couple counseling that you would do in england before you can get the paperwork. Can some one who is having a catholic do let me know what they had to do please?

Also how do you get your head around the civil service the day before? After that you are married so how do you pretend for the day before the Catholic service?


    Hi you need to get a pre-nuptial agreement from the parish priest in UK.Also you can have civil ceremony early in morniong of religious ceremony if you wanted. Father John does not recognise the civil ceremony anyway, so as far as he is concerned you are not married.
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    Hi Chloe,

    we are having a Catholic service 4 weeks today in Paphos. We have had to do a pre-marriage course which was a Friday night and a Saturday. We were given a certificate at the end . We then went to our local priest who filled in a pre-nuptual enquiry form for us and put this together with our certificate from pre-marriage course and recently issued baptism certificates. This was then sent by priest to Bishop in Cyprus who in turn passes it on to the priest who is marrying us. As we have Irish passports we also had to get papers signed from the consular dept in Dublin to say we were free to marry.

    As for the civil ceremony ours is booked 2 days before and we are going to be on our own for it and our guests will be there for the church ceremony. My bil2b and his wife got married in Paphos 3 years ago and had both services on the same day although they were on their own . It has been suggested that we not wear our rings until after the church ceremony which I think we will do.

    Are you using a planner to book your wedding , as they are usually very good at explaining all the ins and outs ? Hope this helps you some .

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