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Pics for Sunrise brides to be

Have managed to get some photos off someone on tripadvisor for new venue at Sunrise Beach.

Am allowed to forward them but not put them on here.

Let me know if your interested.....


  • Hey i'd love to have a look x
  • Hel1976Hel1976 Posts: 248
    Can I have yr email address please? xx
  • em2207em2207 Posts: 195
    Hiya hel, could you send them me please!

    Have u decided what your gonna do yet??

    Em xx
  • Hel1976Hel1976 Posts: 248
    Hi Em,

    Have emailed them to you.

    Let me know if it worked!!

    Haven't decided yet but still quite like the Sunrise.

    How about you?

    Hel xx
  • em2207em2207 Posts: 195
    Hiya Hel,

    I got the email but no pics attached! We are staying with Sunrise, its a cost i didnt want to pay but i love the hotel and wedding venues, all h2b is bothered about is if the hotel has a swim up bar LOL so he isnt bothered about the added cost!

    Em xx
  • giddybridegiddybride Posts: 20
    Hi Hel1976

    Could you please email to me too - getting married in 84 days and desperate for a current look at the venue!

    my email is [email protected]

    many thanks x
  • lap1926lap1926 Posts: 228
    Hiya Hel,

    I would love to see the pics please. Have you still got my email address?

    WE fly out two weeks on Sunday! arrrggghhhh - stress levels are way higher than they should be LOL

    Sunrise confirmed to us that we dont have any extra to pay though so Im pleased about that - 250 Euros this year which she did say went up to 400 next year for you girls image

    I still love the venue though so cant wait for the pics.



  • em2207em2207 Posts: 195
    hiya hel, sorry to be a pain but could you send me an email again as i didnt get the pics the first time

    Thanks Em x
  • I am getting married there on 25th May 2009, we have chosen the sea view garden deck. Could you please email me ur pics, my email is [email protected]

    thanx x
  • susiebuksusiebuk Posts: 118
    Hi could you send me the pics plz [email protected] i don't know which venue to choose
  • emja55emja55 Posts: 58
    hey can you send them me please [email protected]

    thank you so much

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