Fake tan or not?

It's ages until I have to decide but I'm wondering how you will/would do. It takes me ages to tan and since we're planning on a wedding in January I'll be as white as paper. ;\) There won't be enough time before the wedding for me to get anything that even resembles a tan so now I'm thinking about my alternatives:

1. Stay white and accept it. It works with my dress but isn't perfect.

2. Getting a fake tan, either spray-on or some sort of lotion. This will look much better than alt 1 but will also make it harder to notice a burn-to-be before it's too late.


  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    A friend of mine who tends to be lily white all year round, doesn't tan easy, had spray on tan for her wedding, she had to go a couple of times, it looked really natural. I wouldn't personally go for the lotion unless you want streaks or looked like you've been tango'd!! Why don't you have a couple of sessions of spray on tan now, see what u think? xx
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    I used dove summer glow this spring when I had to go to a formal party and didn't want to look like a corpse image I use the one for light skin so it takes forever before something happens but that also means that the result is pretty even. I'm more worried about not noticing that the skin is getting red than about the lotionimage
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Ah... sorry I misread your original post! If you continue to put suntan cream on at regular intervals you should be fine?? Where are you going?? x
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    We're going to Tobago. That is the furthest south I've ever been so I don't know how strong the sun is. Playing it safe and using 50+ sunscreen is an alternative but then I'll be whiter when we get home than before!image
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    You shouldn't be, I plaster my kids withhigh factor but they still catch the sun, they just don't burn. xxx
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    I use factor 4 - 12 at home and stil get some sort of tan so that's probably true. I'm just thinking of how depressing it will be when the fake tan wears of and I get lighter every day instead of darkerimage

  • pennieukpennieuk Posts: 52
    hi we do fake tans at work and to be honest personaly i wouldnt have one for my wedding you would have to have it done at least a day before you fly as ypu have to leave it overnight to get best result and as it is wearing off it goes really patchy hope this helps
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    Thanx, that really helped. Now I can remove one alternative and just decide between summer glow or nothing!
  • wrighti79wrighti79 Posts: 54 New bride
    hi, I dont tan very much either and we are also getting married in Jan so thanks for clearing that up. I was debating getting a fake tan as my fiance goes really brown. I may try going on the sunbeds a month or so before the wedding and see what difference that makes. image
  • ELWukELWuk Posts: 462
    Hiya, I have had the same dilemma and I went for a spray tan on thursday it looked great on fri and then started going oatchy on my arms, was a gorgeous colour though. I wend to a wedding and it also came off on my dress which isnt good. I am just going to tan myself I ususally use L'oreal sublime bronze self tanning gel (there are two I use the one that is tinted - so you have instant and long lasting colour when you wash it off) it is a lovely colour and not orange!

    Em x
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