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Accomodation Woes

I am trying to work this out fairly but it is so difficult not to offend someone.

The situation:

Since the wedding date has been confirmed my family have all been very keen and saying we are coming to Cyprus too. So my mum is now looking at getting a villa to accomodate her, my dad, my sister, my two aunts, my uncle and my two cousins. This all sounds like great fun and they would like us to stay at the villa to. The issue is H2B's parents. They do not want to be living in a big family reunion and they want to stay in a hotel so I am hoping to find a hotel near to were the villa is so that we are all in the same area.

The problem:

H2B does not want to stay in the villa as he knows it will upset his mother and she will feel excluded. My parents would like us to stay in the villa and I am worried she will take it wrong if we stay in the hotel with his parents! Plus they will probably both take it wrong if we go to a completly different hotel!

Any suggestions it is on the verge of simmering into an argument between H2B and me as we both don't want to hurt our respective parents feelings!

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  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    hi Chloe, sorry you haven't had any replies so far. I would say its your day so your way.... where do YOU want to stay for the duration of your wedding holiday? Once you have made that decision, explain to both respective sets of parents that you would like them to join you in that choice. Or maybe you could find a location that has several villas or apartments so you are all close to each other but not in each others pockets? Kate x
  • sophyansonsophyanson Posts: 59
    I agree with bushbaby_de but it is hard to disappoint your parents. I would suggest that you and H2B stay in a hotel separate from BOTH sets of parents. On night before wedding perhaps you could stay at the villa with your family and H2B could stay in the hotel with his parents. After the wedding you could go back to you own hotel.

    Let us know what you decide!!

  • happygoluckyhappygolucky Posts: 710
    I agree hunni. It is your wedding so you stay where you like. If you want a family villa and his parents were invited but chose not to stay.... then they wern't concerned by upsetting you and h2b with their choice not to join in.... so if they do feel left out it is their own fault and you should hold no guilt. Maybe his parent want to stay in a hotel but will travel to the villa and spend time with your family but have the privacy to go back to the hotel to sleep.

    If h2b wants to stay in a hotel with his parents then you should sit down and discuss it between you and compromise

    If you decide you want to stay somewhere with just the two of you then it is fair as this is your honeymoon so it usually doesn't involve family. That way you spend time together as a couple and choose who you see during the day.

    when I get married h2b and i have a villa to ourselves... we know it sleeps 8 but our guest are sorting out their own holidays to coincide wth the wedding. we will of course meet up with them on occasion but they know we have booked 3 weeks in a villa to ourselves.

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    Its a tricky one, you will never please everyone, but one thing to rememeber its your big day, dont argue over it. Familys can be so akward at times, our wedding day has caused loads of hassle in H2Bs family, let us know how you get on hun.x
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