Goan Wedding - any others out there??

I've just got engaged (woo!) and we both want to get married in Goa, it won't be for a while yet (end 2010 we think) but I was wondering if there is anyone else who is planning to, or has already wedded there.

Any advice or tips?


  • evey80evey80 Posts: 62
    Hey there,

    I am also planning on goa in 2010/11. Have you looked at any wedding planners?

    We are trying to get details of prices so that we can set a budget.

    Would love to hear from you. Seems that there are not many people intrested in getting married in goa.
  • sandie6uksandie6uk Posts: 51

    H2B and I went to Gao in April--for a holiday not to wed!!! But it was there that he did all his thinking of proposing to me!!! When he kept going off for walks and having his silence moments, I thought he was going to finish with me!!! So when he proposed I was stunned !!

    If you want to know anything about Goa feel free to ask. Where are you staying?

    Sandie xxx
  • Hi,

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in Goa. If i can help at all i will try as my mother is goan and lives out there with my dad and i also lived there for 10 years myself and visit yearly...

    any questions let me know. my e-mail is [email protected]

    good luck

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  • evey80evey80 Posts: 62
    Hi Sandie and Kris

    My lovely man proposed on a secluded beach in Goa in Jan. It was lush. I was not expecting it at all. It was perfect.

    We couldnt decide where we wanted to get married and finally decided on Goa. We loved it so much when we were there we did not want to leave.

    The only problem is that no UK travel companies will touch Goan weddings with a barge pole. I think it may be due to the period that you need to be in Goa b4 being aloud to get married.

    Would be really greatful if you have any information on trustworthy wedding planners direct in goa. We have nothing planned at the moment.

    We did love the vibe of Anjuna which is where we stayed. Calungute was to touristy. Any suggestions of a perfect beach?

    Sandie you must have been over the moon when he proposed. Where are you getting married? Where did you stay?

    Kris where are you getting married? Thanks for the offer of help. Lots needed! As its not a easy wedding destination to arrange.

    Evey x

  • sandie6uksandie6uk Posts: 51

    I was over the moon---and back again!! lol

    We are getting married in Las Vegas next July--can't wait!!!

    We stayed at CeDaDe Goa it was 5* but the people were so friendly and could't do enough for you. We did a boat trip to Ajuna ---what an amazing place!!! We didn't want to go home either , we could of stayed there forever. If you want to know more about the hotel feel free to ask.

    It has its own private beech and we choose it becuse it was central for travelling; only about 10 minute taxi drive to Panjim.

    Some people had stayed at the Marriott round the corner but they all preferred CiDADE Goa. They said the staff are more friendly, but more facilities at the Marriott, depends what you are looking for really. We go for friendliness every time!!

    Sandie xxx
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