Paphos Elysium - Conveyor belt?

We have booked to to married @ the Elysium Hotel Paphos bu are really worried about it being like a conveyor belt.

We are spending a fortune so really don't want that sort of wedding, any info advice welcome.

Thanks x


  • trazzeruktrazzeruk Posts: 124

    You should contact the hotel direct, and ask them what is the maximum they do a day. Some hotels have now put a limit on weddings because its like you say you don't want it to feel like a conveyor belt. And if they do hold alot of weddings you could possibly look into changing the venue.

    Good luck, & let us know how u get on.xx
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300

    When we booked we were informed new rules meant no more than two weddings a day, but normally only 1. Worse case one 1 in the morning/lunch time/1in the evening. We were told 1 though when we booked.

    I have actually just sent Claire an email to check this and put it across that we were informed one and wouldn't be best pleased if more as our day/spending money etc etc x
  • natnolnatnol Posts: 22
    Claire @ Elysium has confirmed that they only have one wedding per day which is a big relief to me! Excited about it again now, going out to meet Claire in a week! woohoo! x
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300
    That is good news, thought that was the case but then we did book with the last planner.

    When are you getting married? x
  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    We were told maximum 2 per day but they would limit to one per day depending on party size. There are 40-50 of us so Ann confirmed (before she left) that ours would be the only one. I am making sure Raj reconfirms that before they get any money though! Kate x
  • crofty75crofty75 Posts: 842
    Oooo I am soooo glad I have found some more Elysium brides!!!

    Dont know about you, but I get soo fed up reading what some people on here "think" is the rules for marrying at the Elysium and some strange idea you have to have your guests stay there and have to have your photographer and everything else with them.

    Its just the cake!!!!!!

    I have 92 days to go? How about everyone else?

  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    I know what you mean, but the paperwork we were sent directly from the hotel (which is also on their website) states:


    In order for the wedding to take place at the Elysium

    ??????? The couple must be in residence for a minimum of seven nights.

    ??????? The wedding cocktail and dinner must take place in our premises.

    ??????? The wedding cake must be purchased from the hotel.

    ??????? All services required for the wedding to take place in-house i.e venue decoration, photography, floral services, hairdresser, transportation etc) must be organized through the hotel's wedding coordinator.

    ??????? The proposed wedding date and timings must be communicated to the hotel before the reservation is made with the local Municipality.

    ??????? The wedding guests not in residence, may not use any of the hotel's leisure facilities i.e. indoor/outdoor swimming pools and adjacent areas.

    ??????? In the event that the wedding couple needs the hotel wedding coordinator to assist them with the legal/church documentation, then an administration fee of CY£150.00/???????256.29 will be charged.

    So I can see where some of the confusion is given that some brides ARE organising their own vendors but this remains on the website. I am lazy so am happy for them to arrange everything most probably! I was told at First Choice that all guests had to stay at the hotel and that there was no discount for ground bookings but this is only because i) they wanted more commission and ii) the hotel didn't necessarily want to attract large groups of people who frequent tour operators by offering low group prices. (you can get discounts if you book directly though)

    So I am doing everything direct with the hotel so I know I am not breaking any rules!

    We are getting married May 09 btw. What sort of wedding have you booked Crofty?

    Kate x
  • crofty75crofty75 Posts: 842
    Oooooo yeah we had the same paper work from them but just phoned them to tell them that as we only had a small party I didnt want a huge reception with them and they were fine.

    Have noticed on one site tho that the affidavits can not be any more than 3 months old form the time of the wedding. Does anyone else know about this as we have scanned and mailed ours off and Claire at Elysium didnt say anything.

    Kate, have mailed you xxx
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