Anyone from the Midlands

Hi Brides,

Just wandered if any of you were local to the Midlands.


  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    Hi Emma

    Yes I am from the Midlands. Where about are you from? I live near Dudley
  • Bev22ukBev22uk Posts: 11
    Hi Emma

    Yes, im in the midlands, im in Leicester. We are getting married abroad though.
  • LouiseKerryLouiseKerry Posts: 125
    I'm from Melton Mowbray
  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    im from nr mansfield in nottinghamshire
  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    i used to be grantham too claire!

    Now notts lincs border.

    getting married in Stoke rochford.. you guys?

    any suppliers to share... cakes ideally!!!!
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Hi Mrs S 2B

    your very local, I live just by the Wing Wah Restaurant on the Wolverhampton Road (The Old Hen And Chickens).

    Where are you getting married? We are getting married in Paphos, Cyprus on 10th June 2008. What are your plans?
  • nicperry2nicperry2 Posts: 68
    Hi Mrs S2B,

    I am in Blackheath so very close indeed, how is your planning going?
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Hi smiley79

    I too live just by Blackheath, I live by The Old Hen & Chickens, Its a small world!! Where and when are you getting married?
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    oh yes i know where that is (i love that restaurant!). i actually live in Brierley Hill which is close to Dudley.

    we are getting married at Patshull Park in Pattingham on 7 August 2009. I can't wait. I wish it was this year instead!

    My future sister-in-law got married in cyprus 3 years ago and it was beautiful. we always said we would get married there too but my dad can't fly anymore due to illness.

    Have you got your dress yet?
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Yes I got my dress from The Dressing Rooms in Halesowen. I recommend them, they are so helpfull its well worth a trip if you have not yet got one:

    This is the dress I have chose:

    I also recommend Forever Lace in Quinton, The lady in the shop Lorraine is also helpfull and is making my daughter a miniature wedding dress and one to match for her Doll as she is only 2, she would just ruin flowers and I know she will hold her doll all day, ahhh. I can choose the material too, to match my Bridesmaid dresses.
  • nicperry2nicperry2 Posts: 68
    I am getting married on the 6th September this year in Hampshire (where I am from) very exciting!!!
  • nicperry2nicperry2 Posts: 68
    I bought my dress from Platinum Brides on the Stratford Road, really nice ladies in there too!!!

    The dressing rooms in Halesowen are lovely too
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    I hope it all goes well, still seems so long to wait until mine.
  • I'm a Birmingham bride- getting married 23rd December 2009! Xxxx
  • Hi i'm from Blackheath too!!

    I got my dress from Red Rose Designs in Sutton Coldfield!! Its Justin Alexander 8158 in ivory!!
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    wow your dress is beautiful! and i bet your daughter will look so sweet with her doll.

    I got mine from Tie The Knot in Wall Heath. they are so nice there and its good because they only have certain designers in stock and only sell three of each dress so loads of brides don't end up with the same one. mine is by Special Day. It looks crap on the picture but its lovely. Mine is ivory with ivory embroidery rather than red and its scattered with crystals and pearls

  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    and i'm having strapless too because the straps look terrible on me
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Hi Macca2b

    How beautiful is that dress!!!
  • I know!! I saw it in a magazine and just fell in love with it! The wedding isn't until next year and I can't wait to wear it for teh whole day!!

    Hows your plans going?
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    WOW That is so beautiful. I cant get over how nice all the dresses are. I must have tried on about 50 dresses and like they say, you know when you have found "the one". The one I choose was 1 of the first I tried on and I knew straight away but its half the fun trying them all on, I always knew I would go back to that one.
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    I almost brought another dress but it just didn't feel right. i knew this was the one for me. i love it because it sparkles.

    how is the planning going?
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Everything is booked and paid for, its just the finishing touches. Oh and need to get some shoes but I dont want big heels, just kitten heels as I dont want to over tower my H2B, he's not much taller than me and I want to be comfortable in the heat. Any advise when I can look, Going to Merry Hill Friday to investigate. How about you??
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185

    i'm going up merry hill friday too! hahaha what a small world. i'm going later in the day to the design day at H Samuel to look at having my wedding ring designed to fit round my engagement ring.

    Barratts do some nice ones and are reasonably priced. or theres BHS or Next. There are some lovely ones on Next's website but they never have them in the store
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    I didn't know anything about that, glad you mentioned it. My H2B said we would go back to the shop he got my engagement ring from in the Jewellery Quarter to get wedding rings but my MD at work says he knows a jeweller and will get them cheaper from him, but still worth a look in H Samuels. I have noticed on H Samuels website that the wedding rings are so cheap in the sale.

    I'm so addicted to this website!!!

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  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    H Samuel have some nice rings but I think if you have one made from them it will be a bit pricey. its worth a look though.

    i know i'm getting addicted too. should be working really but never mind!!
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    You shouldn't be using language like work!! I dont like that word, I should be doing some work too!! What the heck!!
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    hehe i know! nearly home time though know so its not so bad.

    you should definetly try barratts on friday though for your shoes. you can view them on the website too
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    I will, I think I will look everywhere. If you wish to contact me and let me know how your getting on my email is [email protected]

    Starting to get ready to sneak out of work early now, no gaffa's about.
  • steph_sm84steph_sm84 Posts: 185
    thanks emma. mine is [email protected]

    good luck shoe hunting on friday x
  • Hi! I'm in the midlands too - near Lichfield. Just had our date of 19th May 2009 confirmed last weekend for our wedding in Cyprus so I'm getting very excited now although haven't organised a thing yet!!!

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