HELP! Anyone flown with XL? Expecially XL One?


We have never flown with XL before and when we looked at the reviews online they weren't exactly great. Our budget is very tight and the only way we are going to be able to afford an upgrade from economy class is by flying with XL which is about ???? the price compared to the alternatives. That makes me worry a bit as you usually get what you pay for...

If you've flown with them before I would really appreciate anything you can tell me!



  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    No one? H2b is really unsure about flying with them but if we don't we might as well start looking for another destination since our planned one will be too expensive!
  • skye31ukskye31uk Posts: 69
    Hi I've just flown with XL. The plane going out seemed quite old and rather cramped but to be honest thats the only thing I could moan about. The plane coming back was a new one and there was a bit more leg room and was slightly more comfortable. The stewards seemed friendly enough and came through with the usual drinks, snacks and duty free.

    Hope this helps!

  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    thanx, that helps! According to the comments online they had huge problems with not being on time (say an airline which doesn't) lost baggage etc. You didn't experience anything like that?
  • SLB12ukSLB12uk Posts: 250
    Hi! Some friends of ours travelled with xl last year to Lanzarote and their baggage did go missing and ended up in Germany I think!!! However the airline did get straight on to it and they got their luggage back within 3 days!! Apart from that everything else was fine!!
  • JenShawnJenShawn Posts: 162
    Hi there, I went skiing with my sister in April to Sainte Foy in France - we were due to fly back with XL and the flight was delayed by over 4 hours as we had to get connecting flights in the end we changed airline and had to pay for another flight so we were not that impressed - they said that they had tried to contact us the night before but they hadn't.. sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
  • mrsboyd2bmrsboyd2b Posts: 200

    Ive flown with them a few times, never had a problem. we got back from our wedding in cyprus last month we got delayed on the way out for 2 hours but no delays coming home and it was a brand new plane.

    Faye x
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    We will be landing in London early in the morning (I think) and since we have to change airport to get to our connect flight we are going to have to have a few hours extra in between no matter what. I don't count on any airline to always be on time...
  • linpete1021linpete1021 Posts: 235

    I had a really bad experience with XL airways coming back from Egypt last year. The flight out was fine, fairly big plane and a lot of room, coming back was a different story. We had an hours delay, which is not so bad but the plane was small!! I'm only 5ft4 and i was squashed, the other half is 6ft2 and he really struggled. A lot of people were standing in the aisles because sitting was unbearable. It was a horrible 5 1/2 hours. A couple of days later we both had bruises on our thighs where the arm rests had rubbed. It was the worst flight i have ever been on and i have to say i would never fly with them again.

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just keep your fingers crossed that you get one of the newer bigger planes and then you will be ok.

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