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Just got married in Santo Winery!

Hi all, I've just got back from getting married in Santo Winery in Santorini and just wanted to say to anyone out there who is thinking of getting married here that it was absolutely fantastic! We had a few hitches before we went with cancelled hotels etc but it all worked out for the best. We had an amazing hotel in Kamari and a really great wedding company who sorted everything out for us which meant we also had a stress free holiday! Santorini is such a magical island and I'd recommend anyone to go there. And the winery was brilliant, the views are amazing.

We had our reception at the Pygros Taverna. There are a lot of posts on here about this restaurant which is where I heard about it from. Some people say it is a bit pricey but you honestly get what you pay for if not more. It was refurbished over the winter and the owner has had a "brides room" put in so you can retouch your make up or whatever in peace! The food was amazing and along with the views and the staff we had a brilliant time there. Again I'd really recommend this restaurant!

I know I've gone on about how amazing it all was, but it honestly was!!!!!!!! This wedding was the best thing I've ever done!!

Happy planning

Skye xx


  • kimshutlerkimshutler Posts: 255
    Hi Skye,

    Sound amazing! Congratulations! You will have to post up some pictures image

    I am so excited about going out to Santorini next June... xx
  • Congratulations Skye,

    It all sounds so, so wonderful and you sound so happy!

    Over the moon you had a great time, only 44 days for us!

    Lots of Love


  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Congratulations Skye.

    Isn't the Pyrgos beautiful and they can't do enough for you. Did they play the wedding march when you came into the restaurant?

    Can't wait to see your photos. It's bringing it all back for me.


  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Congratulations Skye31 can't wait to see photos! x
  • skye31ukskye31uk Posts: 69
    Thanks! I'm so jealous of those who are still yet to go. Claire, I remember you posting before I went about being jealous, now I understand why!!!

    When we walked down the steps at the Pygros they played Zorba the Greek which was funny. After we had our champagne reception and everyone was sitting down at the tables we walked over that bridge thing to the wedding march. It felt like a mini wedding back here if you know what I mean!

    The owner was lovely. He gave us an extra starter on the menu which was kind and when we went to meet him to sort it all out he was giving us traditional greek desserts to try and fruit. Everyone was so friendly. I actually emailed him yesterday to say thanks and I had a really lovely email back from him.

    I just want to go back!

    Skye x
  • nickipinknickipink Posts: 98
    Congrats Skye!

    U r making me excited about my wedding. But I have got to wait until 10th Aug 09. Please could you post some photos or e mail me on [email protected] I am very undecided about what to do for reception. We are staying in Kamari and was thinking about having it in Kamari, but there are so many good reviews about Pygros. Got plenty of time though.

    Nicki x
  • suzc_81suzc_81 Posts: 93
    Congratulations Skye.

    It's just so amazing isn't it. Enjoy married life. Can't wait to see your pics. xx
  • sophyansonsophyanson Posts: 59
    Congratulations Skye! It sounds like you had your dream day. Which wedding planners did you go for?

  • skye31ukskye31uk Posts: 69
    Thanks for all your congratulations!

    Hi Nicki

    There are some nice restaurants in Kamari but not as nice as Pygros. And as you are going out of the resort it sort of feels that little bit special if you know what I mean. I'll email a couple of pics for you. If anyone else wants to have a look to see whats it like just post your email address.

    Innerbridezilla - we didn't have to pick the wedding planners, that was all done by the holiday company. They were called Weddings in Style. Their web address is The co ordinater we had was called Scott and he was brilliant.

    Skye xx
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