Italy Wedding Venues

hi girls,

I thought it would be nice to have everyone post where they were getting married in Italy. There are so many threads and its difficult to read them all to look at the venues!

Me and my other half are currently in Italy (Tuscany) looking at wedding venues but its so difficult to decide - they are all so beautiful!




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    Hi Rachel, did you meet up with Pia? I wouldn't have found half the venues I looked at if it hadn't been for her driving us around to show us the hidden gems? They are all gorgeous, but go with your instinct and budget. I felt that the one we chose, strangely enough, although it was the cheapest had the nicest views and atmospher for us and for our guests, and it was also completely private and we could go anywhere, some venues, only let you go or look around, or take pictures in certain places. Narrow them down sit down with a glass of wine and take photos of them as you see them to remind yourself of every part of what you see. And write down in order you saw them, then review them over a drink or two, whichever one sticks in your mind is the one to go for.. We had this checklist of questions for venues, which might also help you...

    Venue Questions

    1. Is your venue available on the required date

    2. Is your venue easy to find and far from an airport?

    3. Where do most people have their civil /religious weddings and how far are you driving distance from this venue? (Work out costs of transport as this may affect your choice)

    5. Will ours be the only wedding at your venue on our wedding day?

    6. How many people can you accommodate?

    7. How many car parking spaces are available?

    8. Do you allow confetti to be thrown at the venue?

    9. Do you allow candles to be lit in the reception room?

    10. Do you allow firework displays at your venue?

    11. Is your venue a good size for XXX people, or is it too big/small?

    12,Do you have any pictures of other weddings around the same size

    12. Do you carry out many weddings over a year

    13. Are there separate rooms provided for thewedding, reception, meal,evening reception, etc?

    14. Is there a room provided for the use of "brideand groom' for the day? If so does this cost extra?

    15. Is there a dressing room that the bride andbridesmaids can use prior to the ceremony?

    16. When can we have access to begin setting up theroom in terms of decorating it with balloons, flowers,banners, etc? 17. If the evening reception is being held in a room that is being used for something else earlier in the day, do you requirethe DJ/Band to set-up their equipment beforehand? 20. If rooms are available for overnightaccommodation, how many/cost?

    22. Is breakfast included?

    23. What is the checkout time the following day?

    24. Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until you are able to collect themand are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?

    25.. Do you insist on doing all the catering?

    26. Can you supply examples of suggested menus along with prices?

    27. Do you include a cake stand and knife if required?

    Can we bring our own cake?

    28. Do you have a preferred order of service

    29. What time do you offer an alcohol license until?

    30. What time do you insist the reception finishes by?

    31. Do you insist on supplying the wine and champagne? 32. If we are able to supply the wine, what do you charge for corkage?

    33. Can you recommend a company to supply our wedding cake?

    Where would a meal for XXX people take place? Can we eat outside?

    If its raining where would be the alternative?

    34. Do you have a Public Address (PA) system thatcan be used for speeches?

    35. What facilities are available if the weather is poor?

    36. What photographic locations are there?

    38. Do you have special arrangements with, or details of local hotels for guests to stay at if they cannot afford to stay at your hotel?

    41. What decoration do you supply for the reception?

    42. If we begin to run late, how will your staff help us to ensure we are still able to make the most of our big day?

    45. Is it OK for the photographer/videographer to visit the venue beforehand

    What are the various options and costs for the use of your venue? I would need to know exactly what the costs would include, also do you charge different prices on difft days of the week etc.. Please confirm
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