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Getting all the stuff i have bought out with me

Okay I am starting to get a little concerned about the amount of things that i have bought and wondering how i am actually going to get it out to Greece with me ...

I have To take ..

4* bm's gift which are small gift bags with various gifts

4* parasols

1* dress ( which is in a box)

Grooms Outfit

Shoes, Headdress etc ..

30 fans

Balloon lights

Personlised swimwear

4 bm's slik boquets

1 bridal boquet

30 ish button holes

Favour bags

cake topper

There is probably more and i am so worried about how on earth i am going to get it all there ...what are other people doing i feel bad asking bm's to take there stuff with them plus there is the feeling that i want to be in control if you know what i mean ?!


  • BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
    Use the men in your party to take some of it on as hand luggage (they won't have handbags etc)
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Im the same. But I just realised that I have to give other people stuff or I'll never fit any of my clothes in! Im giving everyone stuff- I have 4 boxes full of things!!! Ive asked my 3 bms, 3 of my friends, my Mum and Dad, mother in law and auntie and uncle!! Noone minds at all. I think they are happy to help and be part of the big day xx
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Hello Littlebobo, we are getting married on the 8/8, if my counting is correct that is 40 days!! I've not as much to take as you, what is the weight you can take on your plane?? We can only take 15kilos each. We have got 1 child with us though (and a teenager but she will be takin as much as an adult!) so we are packing it all between us. If you have it already, do a dummy run with packing your cases and weighing them etc. If it is just too much, weight wise as well as carrying! I would see if you could give some stuff to your guests to bring with them? xxx
    Hi Littlebobo.

    I am in exactly the same position, all my bits to do with the wedding are kept at my parents house has we do not have the room at our house, when i looked last week its like oh my god how am i going to get all this to Paphos and as being 08/08/08 brides we havnt got very long to think about it, dunno about you but i am starting to stress a little now. My parents are going to take some bits out for me and so are my cousins who are my bridesmaids, my aunty travels out the day before us so i trust her to take bits out too, would like to take it all myself but i know its not possible, and dont really want to get stung with luggage. I have all my flowers, favors, candles for decoration which we have had personalised, all my bridal bits 6 x suits 4 x bridesmaids stuff, order of service, table cards, poems, all legal docs im sure theres other bits iv forgotten im stressed thinking about
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    OMG another Cyprus 8/8/08 bride!!!! What time you getting married Kazlaney?? Where? where u holding yr reception? We are having a quiet one, 12.30 wedding at Peyia Hall, just us, 2 kids and my parents! I've not so much to take out as you have. xx
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Thanks girls yep another 080808 ...I hate to say it but i dont know whether i trust other people ..I will give a fair bit of it to my mum and dad but i dont want them to have to carry it all the men going out are flippin' usless so we are having to take most of there stuff out as well as they dont want to be responsible for it !!

    Bahhhhh just feel more stressed now lol
    Hi cornishjojo,

    Im getting married 08/08/08 at St Georges Chapel Paphos at 3pm, we are having our reception at our hotel Ledra Beach we were planning on a quiet affair but we now have 23+ at the mo. Time is flying for us now isnt it?? getting soooo excited. We have a little boy aged 4, bet he thinks this wedding is never coming he keeps asking is it the wedding today mom we have been talking and planning for what seems like ages....this forum is brilliant tho, may even see some of you out there.....we got a popular date.x
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Apparently 8/8/08 is a very lucky date, so the chinese think! Our wedding may grow to 8, by bro and best mate are hoping to fly out for it, watch this space.... maybe others will think the same!! LOL! Bless yr little one, time is so long at that age!! LOL My 8 yr old son is best man come ring bearer, he has a cushion to bring in the rings!! He is really looking forward to it. It will be here before we know it! we are flying out on the 30/7 from Exeter. Wat about u?x
    ahhh bless thats a lovely idea, if my little boy had been a little older we could of asked him to carry the rings,mind you he may be better than the bestman lol. We fly out sun03/08 (5wks 2day) from manchester, altho birmingham is nearer to us, dunno how we got manchester think at the time of booking it was a lot cheaper......cant wait to go now for the holiday too, me and H2B havnt been abroad for 4yrs my little boy has never been on a plane, he is so excited, its nice he is going to be part of our wedding day just hope he copes well on the day would like him on as many of the pics as poss....he gets so stroppy at times tho..x
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Hello again, saw on another post u are flying first choice, so r we, My son was 4 the first time he flew. we were flying out of Exeter Airport and they had a old bashed up airplane on the side, my son said in a very loud voice 'oh look there is a plane that has crashed!!' Don't u just love them, my h2b hates flying and he went a complete ghostly wjhite at that comment!

    On a serious note, our flight is 4.5 hours, I presume yours will b the same, pack lots of things in his bag to keep him occupied!! The first time we flew First Choice they gave every child a fun pack on arriving, but that hasn't happened since, gameboy (or similar) has been good in past years, and the usual colouring etc.!! My son loves flying, other than the every 5mins 'are we there yet'! they did keep showing a map of where we were and the plane on the tv screen which was good to explain to a 4 yr old. xx
  • joclementsjoclements Posts: 260
    hi kaz you so going too love the st george chapel its the most beautiful place it will take your breath away they advise you too in for a look beofre you get wed !!

    i got wed there 6 weeks ago thurday comeing .

    hope you have as much as a good time as we did the prist we had was really nice and adds some tearful moments so bewear !!

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