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Getting married in Italy?

Who have you used to plan your wedding and where are you having it?




  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Hi Sarah,

    We are getting married in Rome and we used topflight for our planning but in hindsight I would definately recommend sourcing everything on the internet you can get wedding planners based in Italy I think it works out cheaper. xx
  • Getting married in Castel Gandolfo and using an Irish company called Italian Weddings. Their prices seemed more realistic to us than some other companies we had looked at.

    They have Italian co-ordinators so there's no problem with the language barrier. Met ours in November and she's great, even when I'm completely pestering her with questions as I seem to be at the moment!!!

    Vee xxx
  • Vee

    Do the company you are using have a website? If so what is it please?

    We're looking at getting married in either Positano or Tuscany........still undecided x


    Leanne x
  • Its

    The site itself isn't great. I met the company at a wedding fair in Dublin and was taken with them ever since. They do weddings in Tuscany as well.

    Went over in Nov and loved what we saw, just in the process of printing out the contract and paying the deposit.

    Only 290 days left!!!!

    Vee xxx
  • Hi

    Getting married at Lake Garda and using

  • Hi Sarah,

    I am doing most of the organising myself but have booked creative weddings, based in Milan and run but a super friendly German lady (She has been living in Italy for ages), for the administrative stuff. It's been well worth it. She found aus a registry office in a small town where they never married any foreigners before and are as excited as we are about it!!! She is walking them and us through all aspects. Really great service! Their website is

    We are getting married in Sicily, btw. Good luck!

  • We got married in Tuscany and used

    Everything turned out perfect-we were very happy with it all.

    Joanne X
  • Do you know Maratea?

    It's a beautiful place for a wedding
  • Hi there,

    We're getting married in Tuscany in August 2008 and we're using a company called Wedding Tuscany. They only started trading in January so they are very new but their staff are very experienced wedding planners. Unfortunately our planner who we met in November is leaving the company as she wants to spend more time with her 2yr old son. We're told she is staying in the planning business so we might poach her if she goes free lance!
  • Joanne who did you use at weddings in Tuscany? Where did you get married? Lady Grant do you have a link to the website you used?


  • Hi,

    I am using an italian company called Thats Amore... They are part of a Italian Tour Operator and I was given the details from Citalia a specialist Italian Tour Op who we have booked our wedding/honeymoon/holiday with.

    We are marying in Sorrento (but they cover most of Italy) and so far they have been excellent. We have the date booked with the town hall but as it's in Italy we can't have it confirmed until 6 months before. So I am now waiting till the 28th Jan to make sure it's confirmed before I can start organising!

    Hope that helps

  • Buongiorno!

    Also getting married in ROME in Sept. Just came back from a mission to find a venue and it looks like centre of Rome is too tricky. On the nearby hills would be good. But then we have to think of hiring a bus for people to get there. anyone knows a venue/villa with big garden to have an outdoor reception? What about Frascati? Guidonia? Albano?
  • Hello Jisa,

    tehre is a place called Tenuta San Liberato, which is in Bracciano which is simply beautiful.

    How many guests will you have?

    It's an old monastery sorrounded by beautiful gardens and a park, facing Lake Bracciano. You could have a civil or church wedding as there is a small chapel within the premises.

    The reception can be outdoor or indoor.

    Good Luck!

  • Dear Elisa,

    Many thanks for your suggestion.Had on look at the website - looks stunning! Only thing: John seems to be worried about the TomKat effect (higher price, reputation...) Didn't you have your wedd in Pagnanelli?If so, how was it?

    We have about 50 guests,coming from all over the world. I wonder also if it would be not too complicated to get to San Liberato from Roma Trastevere where we are having our ceremony?

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