Want to marry in mauritius but the family wont travel!!

Me and my fiance planned to marry in Mauritius, found the hotel, etc. We were so excited. And were going to put 5000 towards getting the family over. We told them this and they are not willing to travel 12 hours to see us marry due to many obstacles. My sister has Multiple scelersis, which is under control, but last time she travel to a very hot country she relaspsed, I understand this. My dad i will not be able to travel this far as he will be very uncomfortable on the flight. My mum said she will not come without my dad. Also within the wedding party there will be 5 children all under the age of 5. 3 of which are ours, so we would like them to be there obviously.

I agreed with them to look at option in Euorpe, has anybody got any suggestions?? My fiance is determined to get married on a beach. I've looked at all different beaches throughout Europe, but I have not found anything that we have "fell in Love" with. And Fiance is talking about going on our own to mauritius, which I feel I will regret not having my family there, or my dad giving me away etc...

If anybody has any ideas for us we would greatly appreciate them as I am becoming very stressed.

Thanks so much in advance



  • Hi there

    I had the exact same problem, my half of the family are in south africa and cant afford to fly here so we chose mauritius but then h2b's family said they couldn't fly there as too expensive/flight to long ect and then my family in S.A said its still to expensive to fly to mauritius so we gave the whole thing up and we are having the wedding here with the honeymoon in mauritius. what a mission!

    Have you thought about using a beach in the uk? newquay is very pretty and there are some stunning beaches in wales.
  • Cyprus and greece have somelovely beaches and te flight is only 4hrs and hols are very reasonable. We aregetting married in Rhodes next year and average 2 week hol for are guests is £800 based on 2 sharing
  • HI hun,

    Firstly congratulations.

    I know how you feel, we are getting married in the Dom Rep next year and my parents are not attending which is really dissapointing.

    At the end of the day it's you and H2B that are getting married and it's what you both want not what others want.

    Have you had look at Santorini (this looks stunning). If you opt for the Europe option maybe you and Hubby could go to Mauritius on your own for a extra honeymoon.
  • We are getting married in Mauritius (In 3 weeks - Arghhh!!)

    It will be just us and our 3 children (13, 8 and 1) No other family,

    Then a big party with everyone to celebrate when we get home!!
  • Hi Jessie

    Have u looked into cyprus?

    Its only a 4 hour flight and the weather is gorgeous for most of the year.

    Also its alot cheaper for family/friends coming out too.

    Im getting married at the sunrise beach hotel on the 9th July 09 - see my avatar pic.

    The hotel sits right on the beach and you can have ur ceremony and reception there too.

    Also Greece is really popular for weddings too.

    Let me know if u would like any more info xx
  • Hi JessieOC

    We too had the same problem.

    We wanted to get married in Mexico, but it was far too expensive for some family and close friends. My Dad has got severe diabetes so he couldn't fly long distance because of the risk of blood clots.

    We have now booked to go to Icmeler, Turkey. Not the most popular place for weddings but it is getting there!! Don't know why tho because it is beautiful - has tropical beaches, gorgeous scenery, and it is extremely affordable. I have a brilliant wedding planner based in the UK, with offices both here and in Turkey, and she spends 2 weeks out there evey month. She has been brilliant with ideas and sending me photos and she can get me almost anything i want.

    We are staying at the Marti de Luxe Resort if you fancy a peek.


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  • Thank you everyone for all your help and suggestions. Both places reccommended look very pretty,but we are looking for somewhere we can actually marry on the beach. We have found somewhere called sani resorts http://www.saniresort.gr/page/default.asp?la=1&id=6. It looks like they have their own private beach too. We are just waiting to hear back from them to find out if they have the facilities for us to have a BBQ on the beach after the ceremony. So keep your fingers crossed for us.

    Thanks so much again, and good luck everyone with your weddings!
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