can anyone help with my hen party?

Hello all, I am marrying in Cyprus July 09 so fancied having a hendo in the uk. I really wanted to go to one of the adult weekends at Butlins but when I have phone today I was told that the Butlins in Skegness has nothing on in May or June so they suggested Minehead. The thing is I live in Manchester and Skegness was over 3 hours away but I thought that would be ok but Minehead is over 5 hours I think this is too much. Does anyone know of anywhere else that does these kind of weekends, they are just what I'm looking for, Thanks Claire xx


  • gem453gem453 Posts: 5
    hi there, have you thought bout going to a warner hotels there adult only hotels and have theme weekends, i went to thoresby hall hotel for a 70's weekend and it was great

  • jl06083jl06083 Posts: 3

    For the amount that you will pay for one of those weekends do you not fancy going to somewhere abroad, I have been on 2 hen do's in Benidorm and we had a ball, just returned from one in Birmingham and we loved it. We are from Manchester to jumped on the train 11 quid each return and had a fab time.


    Jodie x
  • Hiya for my hen do I am going to london for the weekend its in a package thing there are plenty of other companies that do them as well. I am going to a recording studio & we are all singing a song together, they sort out a nice b&b for all the girls to stay in & get VIP entrance into a nightclub. They do all different activites you can do.
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