Cyprus - lots of help needed!!!

Hi ladies!!

Need some help pls, after planning and booking almost everything for a March 2009 wedding - after lots of family arguements and politics we have now decided to cancel and do something alot smaller and cheaper...

We are now planning on getting married in Cyprus but do not know where to start??? We have found a lovely hotel - Pahos Amathus Beach Hotel - have found some packages, but all seem rather alot???

Anyone getting/got married here???

Also how have you gone about inviting guests?? Accomodation/flights???




  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    hello, it all depends what you want?

    We are getting married in Peyia town hall, a lovely setting outside but in the shade. We are small and simple but lots of fun.

    We've arranged it our self, no wedding co-ordinator. My parents live over there.

    We are going on to a local taverna afterwards, for a light buffet lunch.

    followed by a chilling few hours then off to the Wave Dance (a mini cruise up paphos harbour) for evening entertainment, 4 course buffet and fireworks at the end. It is literally me and h2b, plus our 2 kids and my parents that will be there.

    There is lots of different ways everybody is doing it on this site. Some brill ideas!!! Good luck and if you have any questions about Paphos or Peyia fire away, if I don't know my mum should!! xx
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    HI! We have booked Nissi beach, as a few other brides on here have. We sent our invites over a year before the wedding, so they wouldnt book their summer holiday, and give them chance to save!

    We booked our wedding 1st, with a planner who was highly recommended on here (and has been fanstastic). She is very reasonably priced too, and has earnt her money already, and theres 10 months to go! I would def recommend using a planner if you dont know the area/suppliers etc, I wouldnt use the tour operators-Ive heard some stories on here - brides gereally dont seem impressed!!

    We then booked the hotel through a tour operator, just like a normal holiday!

    Heres the costs.....

    £2000 for a beach bungalow for 11 nights at the Nissi (4*+), and then £5000 for the wedding, including ceremony overlooking the sea, strawberry cocktails, reception venue and food for 50, flowers, cake (both designed by me!), dvd, photographer, horse and carriage, dj......

    and then £2000 for dresses/suits/shoes/jewellery/tiara/gifts/favours etc.(3 bms, 3 ushers, 2 flower girls, 1 page boy).

    Hope this helps!! Xxx

  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Wow that sounds fantastic!!

    We would be looking i think in the region of 50 people as well..

    Do you no when the best time is to go for an outside wedding but not too hot - also what time of day??

    Could i have the details for your planner???

  • julesscottjulesscott Posts: 394
    Hi Mrs Bond

    My husband is Greek Cypriot so i've been out there in practically every month for the past 9 years and we've just come back from 2 weeks there visiting his family and temperatures in the day hit a high of 46c and at night about 27c. Very hot!!

    June, July and August are the hottest months there so for an outside ceremony, unless you really love the sun, i would avoid these months. May and October are the best times of year to go, warm and sunny with temps about 25-27c in the day and the sun's not so glaring that you'll be squinting in your photos.

    Someone else on here has also suggested the Nissi Beach hotel which is lovely but the Grecian Sands in Ayia Napa is also very nice and there's a newly opened roof terrace i believe. Ayia Napa has a gorgeous old monastery for your photos too.
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Thank you!! What is April like???

    Do you no the Pahos Amathus hotel??

  • helenacwhelenacw Posts: 3
    Hello MrsBond2b Im in the same situation as you! Im booking at the Paphos Amathus for wedding in May 09 and am obsessing at the moment about it - grounds look lovely for the ceremony but dont know whether or not to have my reception there afterwards. It is expensive so I may get everyone in a bus to go to a restaurant across town (there are loads of advice about places to go on here and also on holiday watchdog and other websites). Im booking with Planet Holiday - Mathilde is very good and helpful but they arent the cheapest. Im going with them becuase Ive been given date and time in advance and they have spent lots of time dealing with queries I have about the hotel and holiday and sent me their wedding brochures to give me a good idea on costs. Try Olypmpic if you want cheaper wedding extras and think that you might not have your reception at the hotel. Im not going to bother with a wedding planner I think. Does the hotel not have some to help with that? In any case have picked up a few recomendaions online about florists and photographers and am going over in Spetember to have a look / plan a bit. I will be keeping an eye on this chat to see if anyone else has recomendations that would be useful. I also know that one of my work collegues had a reception for 600 guests at the Amathus and am currently asking him for advice about the hotel - mine will be much smaller - looking at 30-40 guests. Good luck with the organising!
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Oh wow!!!

    I haven't found anything on here about this hotel!!

    What airline would you recommend for relatives to fly with??

    Are they all going to be staying at the amathus as well??

    So you have booked the actual wedding but nothing else yet?? Going to get off-site people in??? I dont even no where to begin!!

  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Oh forgot to ask - how much are u expecting this to cost for 30-40 people/?


  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Hi! We are marrying at 4pm -hopefully not too hot, May should be ok!! I am a teacher so have to go in the holidays...and Aug would be too hot!!

    And here is the email of our planner ...

    [email protected] she is called Kerry xxx
    Hi there, please help me, im getting proper stressed now, we are getting married at The Athena beach hotel in paphos cyprus!!!!

    Does anyone know whats its like there??

    Also having probs trying to sort out how to get my wedding dress out there?? Im flying with Thomas Cook,and there dimensions are so small.

    How an earth is everone else doing it??

    Many Thanks!:\(
  • helenacwhelenacw Posts: 3
    Im not gong to recommend who my friends and family fly with but I may find out where is good to stay nearby to the hotel. I dont want all my family staying at our hotel simply because its our honeymoon too but lots of people do things differently. Dont worry about what friends and family are going to do for now. Get your wedding date and time booked first. I am just booking the wedding ceremony for now and will sort the reception over the next two months. I have got the following costs about the hotel (details sent to me by Mathilde at Planet Holidays): -

    room and flights £4,000 (sea view).

    (a suite with private pool costs £8,000!)

    Wedding food and drinks reception for 30 £1,600

    champagne and wine - not sure but thinking at least £600

    flowers, photos, £600

    hair, nails and makeup plus bridesmaids hair at hotel £250

    use of outside areas for reception £500 (some areas are free to use)

    gazebo hire, plus licence, registrar fees, admin charge £1,000

    I think the food and drink (includes wine and champagne) is going to cost more than this if I up the guest numbers or have a proper champagne drinks reception rather than sparkling wine. Plus its 08 prices, could still go up!

    As for evening entertainment we may go to the bar across from the hotel (pegasis) to drink cocktails, or find another place so my guests can drink without paying hotel prices. The hotel can organise bands and DJs so Im going to look into this too. Why dont you contact them and ask them to send you their menus and cost details? Zaffron and Zucchinis both look good to organise a cheaper reception and you can deal with them direct and there are lots of other great places but am just trying to work out now if its worth it because you have to ship everyone across town. Im sure going with a planner is a good idea and there are lots of recommendations on here. It seems to me that if you do enough looking online (this site is great) you can find what you need without a planner and just deal direct with the hotel or venue, which I kind of like doing. Whatever happens youve still got lots of time to plan so dont worry about it! I'll try and keep and eye out for your posts and see how youre doing!
  • Jax1ukJax1uk Posts: 4

    We are getting married in Polis on the 17th September, we visit Cyprus regularly and have stayed in hotels and villa's. Most of our arrangements have been done by us but the ceremony arrangements and package have been done by Med Weds. Jayne who runs their Paphos office has gone out of her way to help us organise things, she is very helpful and friendly and I can wholly recommend her. As well as supporting us with the organisation required in our Med Weds package she has helped us by pointing us int he right direction for contact details of various places that we can hire baby equipment, hair dressers, MiniBus hire etc We have arranged our own reception with our favourite restaurant and are taking our guests out on a small local pleasure boat to watch the sunset afterwards, none of which costs anything near the cost of the 4 & 5 star hotels in the area I think Cyprus has something for everyone's budget even if the flights aren't particularly cheap. The issues that we have had have all been to do with the flights and airlines. We booked with GB airways who were bought by Easyjet and though we had booked extra baggage and had more weight allowance as a result, Easyjet won't honour our baggage arrangements so having to rethink the transport of the clothing etc. Keep posting your queries and its likely that between us we can also help with contacts and ideas.
  • DH1980DH1980 Posts: 37

    Sorry to gatecrash, but a few of you seem to know about Cyprus! We're looking at Cyrpus for our honeymoon and wondered if anyone could recommend which area of Cyprus to go to? The Coral Beach Hotel looks really nice. Does anyone know it? Any other recommendations welcome... Thanks
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425

    coral bay is lovely, my mum lives in Peyia which is just up the road from Coral bay, I'm sure the hotel you are talking about is where she goes aqua aerobics, which I've been to also. If you are wanting to go that part of Cyprus, i can enquire with my mum the best hotels for a honeymoon? email me instead of using this thread!!

    I'm off out there 6th August for 2 week, marrying on the 12th. when are you getting married? xx
  • DH1980DH1980 Posts: 37
    Thanks cornishjojo. would you like to give me your email address and I can send you the details... Thanks again for the help!
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425

    My email address is jld&[email protected]

    Jo x
  • cazbryancazbryan Posts: 27

    We are getting married at the Nissi beach hotel Cyprus in May 2009, we booked with first choice and to be honest we wish that we booked the wedding seperatly as first choice take ages to reply to emails and I have not found them very helpful at all.
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Hey cazbo- Which day in May? We are the 26th. Is it too late to cancel the wedding with 1st choice and use a planner? I know some brides on here have done that.

    We only have 10 months to go!! x
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