Who is getting married in cyprus!!!


Just wondering who is getting married in cyprus and who they are going with?

WE've booked nissi beach for the wedding with cyprus dream weddings.

Also, is everyone letting familya dn freinds pay for themselves...



  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    We're getting married in Peyia Town Hall on the 12/08/08 (3 weeks today!!)

    We are just having a simple quiet day, ceremony at 12 (6 of us), followed by lite buffet at local taverna, a chill then on to the Wave Dancer in the evening (boat cruise up Paphos Harbour) to entertainment, 4 course buffet and fireworks!!

    No guests are coming out. We didn't use a wedding planner.

  • SLB12ukSLB12uk Posts: 250
    Hi I'm getting married in Cyprus 2 weeks today, infact the wedding should be just about over round about now!!! I've booked everything through First Choice and am getting married at Holiday Village Aliathon in Paphos!! Theres only 4 of us going over so don't have any guests coming over but would have presumed they would pay for themselves?? When do you get married??
  • iloveyouukiloveyouuk Posts: 129
    That sounds expensive, but wow it sounds so amazing! You are so imaginative to come up with something like that...
  • princess69ukprincess69uk Posts: 278
    Hi there,

    We are getting married 12th may 09 at elysium hotel ceremony is being held at amphitheatre and reception at basilica foyer. got all together 35 people going over for wedding, and they are all paying for themselves we just suppling buffett and drinks at wedding reception. x
  • Hi girls,

    We got married last friday in the town hall and had reception at Alexander the great hotel. We booked for ourselves and then sent out the invites to who we wanted to be there on the day. In the end we had 33 of us including me and hubby. They all paid for themselves to go and treated it as there summer holiday. I have posted pics on another thread if you wanna look and see what it was like.
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Hi! We are getting married at Nissi beach too!! Its all very exciting!! xx
  • beckyboo1ukbeckyboo1uk Posts: 437
    Hi We get married 08th May 09 at St Georges Chapel then a reception at a restaurant. We have a wedding package with ido.com and we have booked to stay at the Kefalos Beach Village for 2 weeks with Thomsons. There will be about 20 of us and guests are paying for themselves.

    Can't wait for it now!!! xxx
  • nicolamc83nicolamc83 Posts: 339

    Im getting married in Protaras at The Grecian Park Hotel. We fly out 5 weeks tomorrow and get married 1 week later on 4th September. I cant wait now. We are having about 28 guests coming over and yes they are all paying for themselves!!

    We booked with First Choice and have had no problems to date but this website cant recommend Kerry from isle of love any higher she is very good.

    Good luck with your plans,

    Nicola x
  • kenzie2ukkenzie2uk Posts: 373
    Hi we marry at the Capo bay in protaras on the 22nd aug. We fly out 3 weeks tomorrow xx
  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676
    I'm getting married Oct 09 at the Atlantida Beach Restaurant & all my 55 guests are paying for themselves to get over there infact some of them are paying for their own meal as they were'nt originally invited but wanted to attend. I'd budgeted for around 45 but they all understood.

  • juulliieeukjuulliieeuk Posts: 296
    hi,we are getting married on 11 aug,we fly a week today we booked through first choice,we are staying at the louis imperial beach hotel,there are 10 of us altogether,we booked the basic package through fc,but have booked the reception photo's dvd independantly,as you can do it a lot cheaper yourselves,we are having a meze meal with unlimited red & white wine for 38 euros each,we are having a 2nite mini cruise round the island after x
  • Hi

    We get married at 1.30pm on 19th June 2009 at Yermasoyia Cultural Centre in Limassol, from there we are going to the St Rapheal Marina where we board the yacht Miss Mario and have a champagne reception and a 2 hour cruise of the local area with cutting of the cake and canapes included. On return to the harbour we are then transferd to Angelos beachside taverna where we have a sit down meal with family and friends. We are staying at the Atlantica Oasis Hotel and all 24 guests have paid for themselves we are just paying for everything on the big day.
  • Hi we get married in cyprus, pahos, Aprodite hills resort. It wonderfull. Has anyone any tips ??? And yes i plan for my guests to pay for them selfs if they wish to come xx
  • cazbryancazbryan Posts: 27
    Hi we are getting married at the Nissi beach may 2009 and cant wait!!. Think there will be apx 20 of us going and yes our guests will be paying for their own holiday.

  • lianne1978lianne1978 Posts: 100
    Hi, we get married 5 weeks today in about 5 minutes!! (5pm wedding) at St. Georges Chapel in Paphos then straight onto the reception at Romanticas. We fly out on 27th August in 3 weeks and 6 days to be exact. There is 24 of us including h2b, 2 children and myself, guests are paying for themselves.

    I had my final dress fitting today, I'm so excited!

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